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    September, the name that came to mind was Myra. Although I agree with waverly maybe Erin.

    I'm gonna describe my best friend... She has crazy curly blonde hair, and bluish green eyes. She is SUPER crazy, hyper, sarcastic, funny, lovable, and is always happy. She loves cooking, as well as artsy things and writing. She loves all colors, and likes older music. She loves hanging out with friends, and everyone asks her for advice. She is obsessed with nature and family. She loves Native American culture, greek mythology, norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, and reading. She is usually easy to get along with, although she is VERY stubborn and shy.
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    liviajoan you sound sort of like a Julia or Julie. Although maybe an Audrey or something close

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    How interesting! I never would have thought of Zara for myself! I actually know a Zia, and she's so different from me; I couldn't imagine myself being named Zia xD.
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    demidragon - I see your friend has a Phoebe or a Thalia. (Both Goddess names but to me seem very crazy and artsy)

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    Demidragon - Bellamy for sure!

    Okay, I'm darkish skinned, a runner and a wrestler. I'm an extremely opinionated person with pretty radical views and naturally curly hair dyed weird colours sometimes (but right now it's just dark brown with strawberry blonde streaks). I write when I'm not wasting too much time on the internet. I love people and I get along with most anybody. Who am I?
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