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    mauvebird: Ashlin, or maybe Cassie.
    ursa-minor: Leona

    I am 5'0" or 5'1" depending on who you ask, and I have dark blonde hair that goes to my collarbones but is usually tied up in a ponytail. I have gunmetal blue eyes and have only recently started to change my personality for the better and be more friendly. I love the bands Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy, and most of my wardrobe consists of t-shirts and dark colorful jeans. I tend to go from happy and confident to depressed at the snap of a finger. I love photography and science and half of my life is spent on Tumblr and I should really knock that habit. I like the cold and get sick when it's really hot out.
    helena . cassian . forrest . lise

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    marshmallow - I instantly thought of Kayla.
    author in writing - Audrey!
    namelover - Chelsea!
    ameliawilliams - I thought of Amy
    lizibet2 - I thought of Rosie or Lucy.
    befx217 - I thought of Hannah or Katie!
    sigma - Kelsey.
    rainierloner - Emilia or Juliet
    hardertobreathe - because you sound just like my sister, Mikayla or Merida!
    jsharris18 - I think Natasha!
    ellienora - Alyssa!
    stlmama - Kaitlyn!
    eperdument - Sylvie came to mind.
    mattie12 - Maeve!
    jessblonde - Emma or Charlotte
    jasmine - I honestly think you suit Florence idk (probably because of Florence and the Machine)
    ursa_minor - Emmeline
    mauvebird - Alana is what I thought of
    sunshine_kid - Clara or Bridie.
    cadeence - Emily!

    My turn!

    I have long dark hair, and hazel/green eyes, with black framed rectangular glasses. I love anything vintage, or pink, or British. I tend to be nerdy, I love reading, especially name books and Jane Austen, and I have a deep love of Shakespeare. I'm fairly tall, but curvy. I love anything romantic, and I've always wanted kids, ever since I was about 2. I like unusual names, or softer sounding names, nothing too 'in your face'. I tend to be a bit sensitive, but I always stand up for what I believe in. I'm also boy crazy - and I tend to fall for guys with British accents and blue eyes, and I love boybands.
    Lauren. Bethany. Martha. Hollie. Maisie. Megan. Ashleigh. Ellie. Harriet. Rosie.
    Aaron. Daniel. Ashton. Logan. Harrison. Mark. Adam. Lachlan. Cameron. Darren.

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    montana - Alexis
    Lauren. Bethany. Martha. Hollie. Maisie. Megan. Ashleigh. Ellie. Harriet. Rosie.
    Aaron. Daniel. Ashton. Logan. Harrison. Mark. Adam. Lachlan. Cameron. Darren.

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    A Town Called Alice
    @lawsonhaley - Poppy
    Ingrid | Kit | Esclarmonde | Alistair | Susanna | Emun

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    @lawsonhaley: Clara or Felicity
    @montana: Katie or Julie

    So I'm 5'6" and have very short dark hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses and have a propensity for mismatched socks. I live in jeans and t-shirts, most of which have amusing sayings or superhero logos on them. I adore reading and go through a dozen or more books a week. I'm a self-described nerd and have a wicked sense of humor. I love being around kids and want to be a child psychologist one day. Um, I skipped my junior year of high school to go to college earlier, I did tech for marching band, and I watch way too much tv. My favorite shows are anything by Joss Whedon, Castle, and Phineas and Ferb. Also, I love platypuses and ducks. (especially ducks)
    Teenberry and writer

    Current favorite names: Henrietta Jubilee and Lowell Aurelian

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