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    Marigold could always go by Goldie or Airy both of which would circumvent the Mari/y issue. (I love Merida but the Meri bothered me too until I came up with Ida as a nn.) And Marigold Zelda would be beautiful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sorceress View Post
    I actually love Novella but DH has rejected that name. Plus, I'm still iffy on the whole double -a names.
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    Goldie is a nice nn for Marigold but there are just so many other names I like much better. I'm sort of obsessed with Juniper right now. DH said he likes Zelda Juniper... I should be happy he didn't just veto Juniper but I'm still not even sure I like Zelda for a mn (I'm trying!!!!) so I really can't imagine it as a first name right now.
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    I like the top three you've listed; I think Seraphine Zelda is my favorite. Now I'm realizing how awesome Zelda is as a middle name.

    Other suggestions:

    Harriet Zelda
    Caroline Zelda
    Juliet Zelda
    Olivine Zelda
    Marguerite Zelda
    Vivian Zelda
    Evelyn Zelda
    Rosamund Zelda
    Genevieve Zelda

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