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Thread: Girl #3

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    Lightbulb Girl #3

    We're not expecting yet but historically DH & I have a very hard time finding girls names we agree on so I'm back on the search to build a new list. We currently have two girls: Auria Rheaume (pronounced ray-ōm - a family name) & Waverly Jasmine (nn Wavy/Waves). The way this usually works is I compile a list of 20+ names and then DH goes through and says no to at least 19 of them and then I search for more names. We like to think ours kids' names are a happy medium between top-20 and where-did-they-come-up-with-this. I think it might be sweet to stick to a three syllable first name / two syllable middle name combo but it's not a must.

    A couple of my favorites he's vetoed in the past:

    Some of his favorites that I've nixed:
    Storm (I don't mind it for a mn *maybe* but no fn)

    I'd love to hear your suggestions for possible little sister to Auria & Wavy.
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    My DH is the same way and we play that same "game"...nixes all my names! What about...


    I also really like the suggestions of Juniper and Marigold with your daughters' lovely names! Good luck!
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    Wow, I love your daughters names! Waverly is one of my favorites. Here are my suggestions.

    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Indigo Avery
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Lucia Storm
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Genevieve Zelda
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Kerensa Hadley
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Magdalen Skyler
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Lumina Chloe
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Rhiannon Elise
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Sabrina Haven
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Lorelei Storm
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Cosima Violet
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Marina Daphne
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Seraphine Bridget
    Auria Rheaume, Waverly Jasmine, and Electra Hazel

    Best of luck! I love your girls' names so much, it was too fun to come up with combos to go with them.
    ~ Larissa

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    Phineas Jack

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    So many great names to consider!

    I want to like Beatrix but there's just something about it that I just don't like & I can't put my finger on what it is.
    I really like Calliope and Calista (they were both on my list with the last one) and since we've gained a neice with a Cal- name and a cousin named her baby girl another, very similar Cal- name so those are officially out. (We can't have any more
    "Callie" "Cal-Cal"'s in this group.)
    I like Celestine and I actually added Celestia to my list earlier today! (DH is into astronomy so I'm hoping that may work in my favor)
    Evangeline is one that DH has vetoed multiple times :/
    Juniper and Lux are new to me and both going on my list!!
    I've only just heard of Paloma recently and it's really growing on me.

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