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    Struggling with girls names... last name Smith

    Hi everyone

    Since finding out we are having a girl we reviewed our list of girls names only to discover they are all in the top 10 here in NZ. I have nothing against popular names, only our last name is Smith so I would like her to have something a little different.

    The only two names we have are Esme and Ivy. DH does not like Esme and I'm not completely sold on it either, so Ivy is our front runner. I have since discovered it is more popular than I thought, and I had no idea about Beyonce using Blue Ivy which worries me as it might set the name Ivy to become 'trendy'!

    We are fed up though with searching for names and feel we might just have to make a compromise - the name Ivy is number 39 over here so that's not to bad - hard to know if it will climb much higher...

    In the meantime we are stuck on middle names for it. We feel we need something longer than one syllable and it has to flow with Smith. We don't want another nature or botanical inspired name.

    Any suggestions welcome

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    If you look at my signature you'll see that I'm biased towards Esme but Ivy Smith is an adorable name.

    Ivy Caroline Smith
    Ivy Annabelle Smith
    Ivy Eleanor Smith
    Ivy Hannah Smith
    Ivy Cassandra Smith

    Would help to know more about your naming style/heritage so I can give more accurate suggestions!
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    With the surname Smith, I'd go for something out of the top 100, at least, or hyphenate two names you like to get a more distinctive name, like Ava-Sophia...Ayla, Ivetta (nn Ivy), Renata, Liesl, Lyric, Samira, just anything uncommon. I have a common surname and it's a hassle with other people's credit issues affecting me. Once my sweet, innocent young cousin got arrested because someone w/legal issues shared his name.

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    We are NZ, european descent. Our other option was Madeleine, only we worry it might sounded out of place with our names as a group (DH is J**o and I am J**e - not that we want another J though!) I tend to like more vintage names/classic names, unfortunately a lot of them cross over into trendy at the moment which is hard with Smith. We wondered about doing Ivy-Mae as a first name then doing a second name to add to that... Hard though as we have friends who have a wee daughter who is name-Mae. Thank you for the suggestions so far

    Edited to add; less common names we have considered are Xanthe and Brielle. Breille we liked a lot but the initials would be BS (this matters right?) and Xanthe I was worried about the pronunciation for her in life and the repeating 'th' in Xanthe Smith.
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