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    Eloise or Eloisa?

    I can't decide! Which do you prefer and why? There's always the option of Eloisa NN Eloise - but I can't convince myself. Help!
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    I have a very good friend named Eloise and she is wonderful. I also find Eloisa to be taking an already sweet yet elegant, feminine and balanced name into more dramatic territory. I guess the extra syllable just makes it a mouthful on a name that already has a unique shape in sound to it.

    Eloisa might also be more apt to mispronunciation: El-OY-sa, rather than El-o-EE-sa? Or maybe not, I don't know.

    Ela, El or Elo are good nicknames for either one, but yeah have to agree that Eloise as a nn for Eloisa doesn't make the cut.

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    Eloise! I'll cosign the thoughts of aym.

    Eloise is perfect just as she is; I feel that Eloisa is complicating and "over-doing" an already beautiful and luscious name.
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    Eloise! Love it

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    My daughter's middle is Eloise so it defiantly gets my vote

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