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    I love this name but where I live in south of england, in an area where people often drop 'th' pronounciations inplace of an 'f' unneccessarily, I feel I couldn't use a classic like Tabitha. Half my family would lazily call her Tabiffa.

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    I like it. I had a very good friend named Tabitha. A Tabitha was also a cashier at my local grocery. It's also a biblical name, which makes me like it all the more.

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    I like Tabitha
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    I love Tabitha and can't imagine why anyone would tease someone named that.

    To me it's actually a lot younger sounding than most of the other "old-lady" names. Another similar option that I also love if you're looking for one is Talitha (ta-LEE-thuh).

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    It's certainly not super common, but I think it's very pretty. An excellent choice for someone who wants something familiar and a little different but not crazy or out there.
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