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    Smile Ianthe vs Xanthe

    What are your opinions of Ianthe and Xanthe? What kind of vibe do you get from them? And which do you prefer?

    *I would say "ee-an-thee".

    If anyone knows a more detailed history/description of either name, I would LOVE to know!
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    I don't know much about Ianthe other than what's already on nameberry. I've just recently discovered and started loving it. It feels unique and mystical to me but it doesn't seem like something you'd never hear. I guess it kinda sounds familiar.

    I don't particularly care for Xanthe though. I don't like how it's spelled with how it sounds. It almost sounds like it could be some warrior princess name or something...
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    I personally don't love Xanthe (although to the above poster: why are warrior princess names negative?!) because I've known a couple of not-very-nice girls with the name, and it also looks a bit like Xanax.

    But I much but I prefer it to Ianthe, which I say EYE-AN-thee, like Dianthe without the first letter rather than Ian with an extra syllable.
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    I love the sound of Ianthe, but I prefer the looks of Xanthe, if that makes sense.
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    I think more people would be able to pronounce Xanthe, Ianthe people will pronounce lots of different ways. So if that bothers you, you should go with Xanthe. I do prefer the sound of Ianthe (I pronounce it the same as you). Both of them are beautiful!
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