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    Guilty pleasure names??

    What are your guilty pleasure names, and why are they?


    Sounds very cheesy
    Rose Elizabeth
    Mom to Clementine Rose
    Arthur Noel and Louis Edward

    Rhys Maverick|Anden Henrick|Ender Augustus
    Jack Theodore|Maximo Espen|Nayson Leif
    Hugo Ephraim|Phineas Kai|Truett Sven|Atlas Pedar
    Leo Stefan|Bram Cornelius

    Amorite Grey|Elora Blaise|Meredith June
    Coralie Sigrid|Eden Clarion|Aurelia Jade
    Indigo JoAnn|Esme Violet

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    My top guilty pleasure names are Poet Anneliese and Wilder Pax or Wilder Thackeray. Poet (Story and Fable included) have special meaning to the family. Wilder is special also. Anneliese honors my late sister, Elizabeth Ann. I love that Pax means "peace". Thackeray is special to my mom and late grandma.
    Emerson Gray - Bennett Wolf - Archer Finley - Piers Lachlan - Addison Birch
    Tadhg Emerson - Gray Everett - Roan August - Crew Rafferty - Crispin ?
    Lilia Rose - Story Anneliese - Isabel Hettie "Isby" - Sofie Wren - Emmeline ? "Milly"
    Coralie Winter - Everly Marit - Waverly Pearl - Eliza Jane - ? ?

    my son

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    I like Colby and Bree too, for girls though.

    Boy guilty pleasures:

    Demetrius nickname Meteor, wouldn't use this or any of my guilty pleasure names

    Amadeus, Cyprus, Azriel, Israel, Adriel, Onyx, Malachite, Quartz, Zephaniah nn zephyr

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    Mine would be :
    Roxanne- I like the name, but it always makes me think of a song that has a character of the same name, which has very negative connotations, and is a bit unnerving.
    Arsinoë (girl)- Lovely and unique, but bags of teasing potential.
    Moira- Means bitter, and in tragedy it refers to the evil forces that make the tragic hero do bad things.
    I am also seriously considering Sherlock as a mn for Caspian, so the name would consist purely of the names of fictional characters from books.
    Teenberry so no kids for a while. I love:
    Collecting names * Being a Wholock fangirl * Chemistry
    Dreaming of...
    ♥ Pandora Valencia Fae ♥ Evanthe Lyra Jessamine ♥ Beatrix Clara Elizabeth ♥
    ♥ Perenna Caoimhe Iris ♥ Phaedra Georgiana Enid ♥ Arabella Rosalind Constance ♥
    ♥ Caspian Darcy/Sherlock Edmund ♥ Phoenix Arthur Blaise ♥ Lorenzo Julian Cyril ♥
    ♥ Ptolemy Alexander Finn ♥ Evander Lucian Francis ♥ Nikolai Horatio Emrys ♥

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