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    Dec 2011
    Boys: William Thomas | James Malcolm | Elias Christian | Vincent Theo | Joshua Benedict
    Girls: Alice Genevieve | Miranda Yvaine | Ivy Arabella | Eleanor Audrey | Cecily Arianwyn
    Guilty Pleasures: Eglantine | Oisín | Zipporah | Étienne | Mitzi | Lidewij | Ceridwen

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    Jan 2014
    Jennifer Howell and Bryan Howell

    Pregnancy 1: A baby girl- Signy Marcella
    Pregnancy 2: A baby boy- Liam Ashton
    Pregnancy 3: Quads- Henry Evan, Leonie Saffron, Cilla Nouvelle, and Isobel Ramona
    Pregnancy 4: Triplets- Elodie Savannah, Milla Carolyn, and Cade Arlo
    Pregnancy 5: Triplets- Calla Madelyn, Ainsley Gabrielle, and Faith Amara
    Pregnancy 6: Triplets- Declan Joseph, Connor Mason, and Elspeth "Ellie" Annora
    Pregnancy 7: Triplets- Rory Jackson, Charlie Noah, and Teague Roman
    Pregnancy 8: Triplets- Reilly Matteo, Maxwell "Max" Deacon, and Lilith "Lily" Ilona
    Pregnancy 9: Quads- Lukas Gideon, Keats Milo, Anna Juliette, and Mary-Kate.
    Pregnancy 10: Triplets- Oliver Jace, Sawyer Jonas, and Brooks Silver
    Pregnancy 11: Twins- Marlowe Eric and Cooper Nicholas
    Pregnancy 12: Twins- Adlai Julius and Clea Belle
    Pregnancy 13: A baby girl- Mollie Rosette
    Pregnancy 14: Triplets- Frances Helena, Nellie Morgana, and Sadie Amanda

    Jen and Bryan with Signy (16), Liam (14), Henry, Leonie, Cilla & Isobel (13), Elodie, Milla, & Cade (12), Calla, Ainsley, & Faith (11), Declan, Connor, & Ellie (10), Rory, Charlie, & Teague (9), Reilly, Max, & Lily (8), Lukas, Keats, Anna, & Mary-Kate (7), Oliver, Sawyer, & Brooks (6), Marlowe & Cooper (5), Adlai & Clea (4), Mollie (3), and Frances, Nellie, & Sadie (2)

    18 girls + 18 boys = 36 kids

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    Oct 2013
    DW: Allison Jane
    DH: Robbie James

    DS: Alder Samuel
    DD: Alaska Jane
    DS: Hugo James
    DD/DD/DS: Calla Lindsay, Daisy Michaela and Lake Nicholas
    DS/DS: Milo Ephraim and Charlie Douglas
    DD/DD/DD: Rowan Andrea, Marlowe Cassidy and Scout Diana
    DS/DS/DS/DD: EdwardEddyAllan, George Vesper, AlfredAlfieWilliam and Emily Charlotte
    DS/DD: Melia "Mel" Sophie and Xander "X" Ezra
    DD/DD/DD: MadelineMaddieLouisa, KaitlynKatieBrigitta and Lucy Greta
    DS/DD: ElijahEliBruce and Krista Felicity
    DS: SolomonSollyVesper
    DD/DS/DD: Violet Eliza, FinniganFinnLucas and Annie Slye
    DD/DD: Aria Sophie and EverlyEvieMaeve
    DD/DD/DD: Thalia Juniper, Cassia Vienna and Lydia Brynn

    Allie and Robbie with Alder, Alaska, Hugo, Calla, Daisy, Lake, Milo, Charlie, Rowan, Mars, Scout, Eddy, George, Alfie, Emily, Mel, X, Maddie, Katie, Lucy, Eli, Krista, Solly, Violet, Finn, Annie, Aria, Evie, Thal, Cassia, Lia

    * Every name carries some significance (either the FN, MN, or nn)

    Annabel, Beatrice, Tessa, Pippa, Clara, Kit, Evie, Augusta

    Oscar, Albus, Felix, Ronan, Wally, Wyatt, Henry, Charlie

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    dw: Teagan Marie
    dh: Evan Sebastian

    1) ds/ds: Killian Sebastian/Kallen Alexander
    2) dd/dd: Aylee Jayd/Astrid Hana
    3) ds: Rickey Vaughn
    4) ds/ds/ds: Gunnar Rhys/Griffin Dean/Grant Nash
    5) ds/ds: Rylan James/Ryder Nolan
    6) dd: Lila Raegan
    7) dd: Madelaine Marie
    8) dd/dd/ds: Maisie Lea/Maggie Mae/Maxence Ola
    9) ds/ds/ds: Warren Roark/Wilder Ross/Wyatt Roland
    10)dd/dd/dd: Clara Raffaella/Clover Isadora/Charlotte Korabella
    11)dd/dd: Elsie Pauline/Rylie Phillipa
    12)dd/dd/dd/dd: Nora Jean/Rita Iris/Opal Clea/Saga Lynn
    13)ds/ds: Tiernan Forrester/Thayer Fletcher
    14)ds/ds/ds/dd: Harvey Richard/Hudson Alfred/Harrison Donald/Harper Henley

    favorites: Killian/Gunnar/Thayer/Aylee/Lila/Madelaine

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