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    Thoughts on Kathy

    I've always loved the old, european and classic names. Katherine has always been one of my top names on my list, but I'm feeling a bit tired of nn Kate/Katie. I was wondering what thoughts are on the nn Kathy coming back anytime soon. Your thoughts on other nn's for Katherine would be apreciated too. Thanks!

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    I am a Kathryn. Various people throughout my life have tried to call me Kathy and I have always been totally disgusted by it. I have been a Kate since I was born, and I still really hate Kathy. That's my personal experience with it... lol

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    Katherine nn Kathy is nice and pretty unexpected these days. I normally don't like nicknames as names but I have a friend named Kathy, just Kathy, and another who's Cathy so I like it. You'd have to be prepared though that your Katherine may choose to go by a different nickname or her full name.

    Most of the Katherines I know either go by their full name or Kat (generally just with friends, and use Katherine at work/school). There's also Kit/Kitty, K, and Rina.
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    Sadly I think Kathy is dated, and not old enough to be cool again although Katherine is beautiful. Katia and Kay/kaye are good nns.

    Even Rina (short for Katherina) is modern and cool.

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    Sorry feels mumsie to me. Katia, Kay and Rina/ Rin are great suggestions. Goodluck

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