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    Grabbing the Bull by the Horns: Help me figure out Olivia!

    I've been struggling with Olivia for years. I lovelovelove it, so I know it's not going anywhere, but if I loved it any less, I would probably just let it go, because she gives me so many issues. (le sigh. Do you have one of those names?) I've just been sticking with Olivia Wren Camille for years because I LOVE Wren, and I love it with Olivia, and I love the significance of Camille (I've taken piano off and on since I was 5, and one of my recital pieces was a composition of Camille Saint-Saens). It's one of the few piano references on my list, and I don't really want to lose the tie to music and piano, but I don't love Camille anymore, and Saint-Saens was certainly never my favorite composer (Mozart is, but I don't have any desire to try and feminize Wolfgang, Amadeus, or Mozart... I also love Handel and Edvard Grieg, but I have no intention of feminizing those, either!). Besides, the whole Olivia Wren Camille flow seems rather disjointed and all over the place to me, but I do like "C" middles with Olivia and Wren.

    I just don't even know where to start to find something I'd like--I had been tossing around Olivia Wren Delphine, but I don't know that that's any better than Olivia Wren Camille. I love Olivia Charlotte and Olivia Catherine, but I already have Charlotte and Catherine all over my list; I don't really want to repeat. I sort of like Cecily, and I do like the tie to The Importance of Being Earnest, but I'm not sure about Olivia Cecily, honestly, and I can't think of any other "C" name I remotely like enough to try and pair it with such a huge favorite. I've liked Olivia Penelope and Olivia Josephine in the past, but they just seem too generic, too plain, too ... something. Besides, I have Tess Penelope, and I'm not too keen on repeating.

    Any ideas? With Olivia's popularity, I'd like something a bit more unexpected as a middle.

    Thanks, ladies!

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    There is something about pairing O and C names together, isn't there? That's why Catherine Ophelia is on my list.

    I kind of like the idea of Olivia Cecily, since St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, giving you a music connection in addition to "The Importance of Being Earnest" one. You could also go with the variation Cecile, which I think flows better, but it's very similar to Camille, so I'm not sure if you'd like it. Since you've liked Olivia Penelope (love!) in the past, what about Olivia Calliope? Calliope means "beautiful voice" and is also the name of a musical instrument.

    I know you said you had no desire to feminize any of Mozart's names, but Amadea is rather pretty, with a great meaning, "lover of God". Also, Handel's first name was Georg, so what about Georgiana, which I think I remember you liking before?

    And just some random suggestions:

    Olivia Melisande
    Olivia Corisande
    Olivia Zoe
    Olivia Carys
    Olivia Daphne
    Olivia Giselle
    Olivia Caroline
    Olivia Solange
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    Another composer related option could be Mozart's wife Constanze or any variation thereof (Constance, etc.). Olivia Wren Constanze is quite pretty. A way to get Edvard could be Edwina, Edie, or Edith.

    You could also look into female composers like Clara (Schumann), Fanny (Mendelssohn), Francesca (Caccini), Barbara (Strozzi), Nadia (Boulanger), or some variation of these names. I also like the the PP's suggestions of Georgiana, Cecily, and Calliope.

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    Thanks, ladies! @mega_muffin, I said that mainly because I wanted to avoid Amadea, haha. I love Amadeus, and is probably the only way I would consider honoring him (but really? He was so spoiled and full of himself, I'm not sure he really deserves it. But his music was always so beautiful and blithe!). I do love Cecile, and Cecilia (and Cecily--all of them, really--I just thought Olivia Cecilia was too rhymey). Olivia Cecile? Olivia Wren Cecile? Maybe. I'll keep tossing it around. Olivia Wren Cecilia could work--I just feel like something's off. Olivia Calliope's cool. I generally try to steer clear of mythology names, since I'm a Christian. I just sort of feel like it's wrong of me to name my child after something I believe is a fake god. But I always have liked Calliope. Hmm. I do love Georgiana, but I don't really think of it as relating to Georg Handel--more Georgiana Darcy. Which is cool. I love Georgiana Darcy. But it doesn't have the music ties, haha. I do quite like Olivia Zoe, and have been wanting to get Olivia in as a middle, but is Olivia Zoe just too many popular names at once? It's not exactly Olivia Grace, but I mentioned Charlotte Zoe to a friend, and she seemed to think that it was just too uninspired because it's so many popular names together. idk. Now I worry about what I pair Zoe with, haha. I like am not a huge Corisande fan, but Olivia Corinne was my first ever Olivia combo, and I'm reminded how much I still like it! I wonder if I could work with that somehow. Olivia Corinna _____/Olivia Wren Corinne? I feel like Wren and Corinne are too rhymey together?

    @lisaer - I feel like a composer's wife just isn't close enough. I don't know. I'm not a fan of Constance (or her variants) at all, so Constanze is out. I do LOVE Edith, but I've never really liked vowel names with Olivia at all (with the exception of alliterative ones! Olivia Odette, Olivia Opal, etc.). I don't think I'm a fan of Olivia Edith, but I do sort of like Olivia Wren Edith? Is that crazy? I think it's even more disjointed than Olivia Wren Camille, haha.

    I am trying to remember if there's anything by Clara Schumann I truly LOVE. I've come across a piece by her husband recently that I'm really loving, but I don't remember ever trying to play anything by Clara herself. I do LOVE Clara, though, and it's a family name, and I do like Olivia Clara, and I sort of like Olivia Clara Eve/Olivia Clara Joy/Olivia Clara Fleur. I don't know. We'll see. I was never too into Nadia Boulanger, although I do love that she was French and inspired so many great composers. I DO love the name Nadia, a ton, and I love it as a middle, but I don't think Olivia Nadia sounds the best. And if I did use it, it wouldn't be in honor of Boulanger herself.

    I'm thinking I might just go through Nameberry's entire database sometime this weekend and see if anything sparks my interest with Olivia. But keep commenting--please!--I am sure I need all the help I can get.

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    I like Olivia Wren Camille. Would Camilla/Camila make a difference? Olivia Wren Camila. Freshens it up a bit visually, imo.

    I also like Olivia Charlotte Wren, but no repeats....

    A few other ideas:
    Olivia Wren Claudette
    Olivia Wren Colette
    Olivia Wren Cassiane
    Olivia Coraline

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