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Thread: S girl ideas?

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    Question S girl ideas?

    Hi, I posted this on Girl Baby Names but got no responses, please help.

    I need a girls name to go with Shiloh Juliet and Simone Audrey. Ideas for Middles would be nice too! Thanks!!!

    any other suggestions?

    I'm choosing between Sawyer and Saylor.

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    For a girl, I much prefer Saylor over Sawyer. I think a feminine middle name would be needed with a unisex/ daring first.

    Saylor Charlotte
    Saylor Vivienne
    Saylor Eve
    Saylor Mara
    Saylor Aurora
    Saylor Ottilie

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    Could you check out this thread? Link

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    I like both Saylor and Sawyer.

    Some other suggestions (sorry for any repeats)...

    A friend on FB has a daughter named Swayze.
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    I like sawyer. I wonder if their are any feminine nn you could use?

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