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    Namebank CAF--"A" edition

    Pick a random two-digit number and subtract 10 from it to determine how many children you will have. Choose the genders.
    Choose the DW's name and any DD's names out of this:
    Amity, Arietta, Aviva, Ava, Astoria, Abigail, Alana, Ambrosia, Arcadia, Alida, Agnes, Andromeda, Antonia, Aglaia, Audrey, Anemone, Anabel, Aurora, Angela, Apollonia, Anais, April, Anastasia, Ada, Anna, Alice, Andrea, Araminta, Annika, Autumn, Arwen, Ann, Alaska, Aspen, Afternoon, Aria, Annalisa, Agatha, Abilene, Astrid, Amaryllis, Alexandra, Alouette, Adora, Azalea, Annemarie, Amy

    DH's name and any DS's names:
    Almanzo, Arpad, Aiden, Archer, Amadeus, Anatole, Arlo, Allen, Antonius, Aries, Anson, Aloysius, Ashley, Alfred, Acacius, Aaron, Abel, Alexander, Adrian, Absalom, Alfie, Ace, Amos, Arrow, Azariah, Axel, Artemis, Asher, Atticus, Augustus, Andrew, Aurelius, Alec, Atlas, Avery, Aldous, Alistair, Archibald, Amias, Abraham, Alexei, Avi
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    Just a sampling of the names I like...Poppy, Flossie, Lumina, Sapphire, Tangerine, Liliana, Joelle, Talia, Michaela "Kayla", Deirdre
    Greyson, Temple, Finn, Arpad, Milton, Gilbert

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    Vote on my list!

    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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