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    Names You Suddenly Love?

    The more I get into nameberry, the more I open to new names. Or rather, not new names so much as old names I used to loathe.

    My Top Ten Names I Used to Hate and Suddenly Now Love:

    1) Doris
    2) Winifred
    3) Hortense
    4) Enid
    5) Henrietta
    6) Barbara
    7) Carolyn
    8) Sue
    9) Portia
    10) Gwendolen

    I notice I am trending toward the clunky and the dated.

    I also notice that the names I used to love (female names) are often seeming too overdone, too frilly. Nothing like a nice hard name like Enid to brace you!

    What about you?

    As my favorite bumper sticker says, "If you can't change your mind, are you sure you still have one?"

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    My more recent found loves:
    Shiloh ( the Pitt/Jolie family ruined it)

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    Great thread idea!

    Recent found loves:

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    Mine are

    1. Coralie
    2. Francine
    3. Georgina
    4. Pearl
    5. Stella
    6. Wilhelmina
    7. Theresa
    8. Louise

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    I have been crushing on these names recently, not sure if I would use most them. But they are a few exceptions.

    Lavendel : exception, really liking this one. Maybe middle?
    Sylvana . Silvana
    Sylvia . Silvia
    Gwyneth . Gwyneira : I like how each letter comes out of my full name.

    Raphael : exception.
    Solomon : exception, this one was suggested to me by my grandparents--so it has it has a special place. Not sure if they were joking or just tired of me asking them about boy names.

    Have more, but cannot remember off hand.
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