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    Jan 2014

    Two days left!!!!

    Ok... So what do you think of name? And which do you prefer? Big sister's name is Stella Reese.

    Audrey Blair
    Audrey Bryce

    If we go with Blair, which Spelling do you prefer?


    Thanks so much!!

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    I like Audrey Blair! I prefer this spelling to go with bib sis's more unisex middle name of Reese.
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    I agree. Audrey Blair. It flows better and it's more unisex like Reese rather than the harshly masculine Bryce.
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    Do you like Eva Blair or Audrey Blair more? and why? Really having trouble making final decision!!!

    THANKS so much!!

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    I like both Eva and Audrey, but Audrey takes the lead when put with big sis Stella. I prefer Audrey Blair, spelled this way.
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