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    Jul 2013
    I truly love the name Mildred and I cannot explain why.
    My family has banned me from ever considering naming any child Mildred (I assume they meant first name since I may want to use it as a middle).

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    Feb 2012
    Kawaguchi, Japan
    ~I love hunting for names in cemeteries, give it a go~
    some gravestone favorites:
    Nightingale ,Australia May, Pearl Mary Florence,
    Daisy Lily Dearling, Violet Kitty Vera, Dunbar Louise,
    Octavius Fitz
    Due with our first - 22nd November 2014 <3

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    Apr 2011
    I really like this thread!

    Mine are Nora, Elise, and Owen.

    It dawned on me recently that I REALLY like these three names and can see myself using them for our future children. However, getting my husband to like them is a completely different story. He typically likes really common and generic names that everyone we know has also named their kids.

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    Jan 2014
    I hated many of the classics for years. Elizabeth, Sarah, Alexandra. Now, I see the beauty in them.

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    Dec 2010
    So fun! If I have another girl I want Flannery Mildred--my family thought I could never pick anything they hated more than my Harriet Franceszka. Ha!

    Mostly my tastes have grown more overdone and strange. I mean, my daughters are Miriam, Emeline and Harriet. Normal, smart. My boys are Cowen, Eli, and Oskar. Pretty tame.

    Girls' names I love now are Hyacinth, Magnolia, Lennon, Elliot (for a girl! I'm so ashamed but I love it).

    My current boy name loves are even more outlandish:

    Kimball (would love to see Kim reemerge as all boy)

    I don't know what has happened to me but I'll blame Nameberry.

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