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    Quote Originally Posted by katieree331 View Post
    I'm sorry but Jocelyn, no matter how it is spelled, will always be a girls name to me.
    I second that notion!!

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    I think spelled Joscelin it will suit a boy nice. I used to have a girl mate called Jocelyn and she was the only person with that name I have ever met so it doesn't scream girl to me. Like Shannon, I find it surprisingly fresh if being considered/used for a boy.
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    I lived in France for a short bit and knew a few Jocelyns--exclusively male there, I think (could be wrong). They would often go by the nickname JoJo. (But then, the French really did seem to love their double syllable pet names--JoJo, JuJu, GuiGui, BerBer. . . . and those were *just* dudes that I worked with.)

    Anyway, I don't LOVE the name, but I like it, and I wouldn't bat an eye seeing it on a guy.

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    It's all girl to me, and I'm Canadian :-) Never heard it on a boy, but know a few young girls named Jocelyn, including the toddler daughter of a co-worker, who goes by "Joss" or "Jossie". I think a boy would be teased unmercifully with this name.
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    To me, with the "Lyn" sound on the end, it really sounds feminine.
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