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    I like Wren, Scarlett and Avery. Dislike Paisley & Greta. But Liesl would be a sweet substitute for Greta.

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    Here are my favorites in order:


    Beautiful choices!

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    My favorites are Greta, Brynn and Avery, in that order.
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    Greta-- is okay. I wouldn't hate to see it on a child.
    Brynn or Bryn-- Simple and cute. Can't go wrong with Bryn/n
    Wren-- This is definitely a Nameberry favorite, but I like this much more in the middle spot.
    Avery-- This is too used. I know several little girls in my area with this name.
    Paisley-- It's not TERRIBLE. But not my favorite at all.
    Scarlett-- Beautiful, romantic, feminine, frilly.
    Eden-- I used to dislike this name until I met a little girl with it. She is so spunky and fiery, and now I love it.

    So I guess my favorites in order would be Brynn, Scarlett, and Eden.
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