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  • Rose-a-line

    21 39.62%
  • Rose-a-leen

    32 60.38%
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    I say Rosa-lyn when I first look at it, but now that I look at it longer I would pronounce it Rosa-leen

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    More like roz-ah-line...
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    I say Rose-a-leen, personally. It's such a pretty name either way

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    Jude, blackbird.

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    As Rosaline is etymologically germanic and derived from the ancient germanic word ros (horse), it really has nothing to do with Rose/s. Therefore pronouncing it Rosa-line would be erroneous in my mind.

    Rosalie, Rosalia, Rose/Rosa and names derived therefrom would be a better fits for the Rose/Rosa pronunciation it seems like you desire.
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