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    Heritage Legacy Dice Game (round 6)

    Five years after round 5.

    Use this dice to complete the game:

    For each previous relationship find out if they're still together. (10 sided die)
    Previously Married: 9 = they're divorced or widowed (roll for new relationship); all other numbers: they're still together
    Previously Engaged: 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 = they're married; 2, 6, 7 = still engaged; 3, 8= they broke up (roll for new relationship)
    Previously Dating: 1, 2, 3, 5= engaged; 6, 7, 8, 9 married; 4, 10= broke up (roll for new relationship)

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine new relationship status of any child over 18. Choose ages of significant others.
    1. married
    2. engaged
    3. dating
    4. married
    5. single
    6. engaged

    Roll 10 sided dice for first names, roll again for middle name/s
    4. Choose any first name or last name:
    9. Choose from Names Searched Right Now

    Last Names
    Roll 6 sided dice for last name.
    4. Begins with same letter as first name
    5. Choose from #75-100:


    Roll 10 sided dice for anyone in a relationship to determine if they have children this round or not. Once a woman reaches age 45, she cannot have more children.

    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 1
    4. none
    5. none
    6. 2
    7. 3
    8. 1
    9. 4
    10. 2

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine ages
    1. infant
    2. 3
    3. 1
    4. 4
    5. infant
    6. 2

    Roll 6 sided dice to determine genders:
    1. boy
    2. girl
    3. boy
    4. boy
    5. girl
    6. girl

    Roll 20 sided dice for first name, then roll again for middle name/s

    3. Use siblings as inspiration; if no siblings, use grandparents:
    4. Girls:
    9. Girls:
    11. Choose from top 10 on any list:
    13. Select "1 First Name & 3 Middle Names", Either gender, Hippy, Kreatyve:
    15. Boys:
    16. Choose from any name on the Spotlight page:
    18. Choose any character or actor's name:
    19. Juliet, Raphael, Jame, Fleur, Evenie, Ismay, Flora, Millicent, Libby, Lottie, Selena, Jessa, Lucca, Celia, Stella, Electra, Ziggy, Serafina, Indie, Major, Fred, Delphine, Mattea, Tarrick, Bowie, Elsbeth, Roth, Wyatt, Marchelle, Christian, Emelina,
    20. 10, correct gender, no, no;
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    DH: Vincent Robert Daugherty (66)
    --Divorced Angela
    --Married to Chevelle Diana Myatt Daugherty (52)
    ----DD: Jesenia Madeline Daugherty (19)
    ------Dating: Kane Jensen Kilpatrick (20)
    ----DS: Xander Keegan Daugherty (17)
    ----DS: Peregrine Vincent Daugherty (17)
    ----DD: Leona Maureen Daugherty (15)
    ----DS: Cahal Benjamin Daugherty (13)

    DW: Angela Margaret Muller Daugherty (64)
    --Divorced Vincent
    --Married to Jimmy Walter James (69)

    DS: Travis Wayne Daugherty (44)
    --Broke Up With: Sarah Clare Morales (42)
    ----DS: Jonas Jack Daugherty (24)
    ------Married to: Hazel Christina Rhodes Daugherty (24)
    --------DS: Osker Atlas Daugherty (7)
    --------DS: Saxon Otis Daugherty (6)
    --------DS: Bowie Linus Daugherty (3)
    ----DS: Hayes Elliott Daugherty (23)
    ------Divorced from: Adriana Hyacinth York Daugherty (23)
    --------DD: Elizabeth Estelle Daugherty (8)
    --------DD: Rosemary Martha Daugherty (7)
    ----DS: Carson Grant Daugherty (22)
    ------Married to: Eden Rose Wolff Daugherty (24)
    --Married to: Corinna Genevieve Broward Daugherty (39)
    ----DS: Titus Christian Daugherty (17)
    ----DD: Chasity Eloise Daugherty (17)
    ----DD: Liberty Rosalina Daugherty (14)
    ----DS: Jaksin Phoenix Daugherty (14)
    ----DD: Willow Julienne Daugherty (11)
    ----DS: Caleb Henry Daugherty (10)
    ----DS: Liam Maescin Daugherty (9)
    ----DS: Felix John Daugherty (3)

    DD: Manda Margaret Daugherty Soto Nithercott (41)
    --Divorced from: Tyrone Steven Soto (41)
    ----DS: Henry Gabriel Soto (24)
    ----DS: Jude Rolland Soto (19)
    ------Engaged to: Mercy Cordelia Bloomgarden (20)
    --------DD: Ivy Cerise Bloomgarden-Soto (4)
    --------DD: Cambria Nell Bloomgarden-Soto (3)
    --------DS: Ethan Robert Bloomgarden-Soto (3)
    --------DD: Hannah Moon Bloomgarden-Soto (infant)
    --Engaged to: Thomas Quirin Nithercott (47)
    ----DS: Maverick Sebastian Nithercott (4)
    ----DD: Henrietta Colleen Nithercott (3)
    ----DD: Louise Clementine Nithercott (infant)

    DD: Laura Corinne Daugherty (38)
    --Broke off Engagement to: Blair Warner Reed (39)
    --Married to: Macon Beale Rayner (40)
    ----DD: Abbott Deane Rayner (19)
    ------Dating: Spencer Ripley Lienz (20)
    --------DD: Mae Kensington Lienz (infant)
    ----DD: Angelina Brie Rayner (17)
    ----DD: Auburn Isobel Rayner (17)
    ----DD: Ava Naomi Rayner (14)
    ----DD: Azyriah Brooke Rayner (12)
    ----DD: Attlee Sandra Rayner (11)
    ----DS: Atticus Patton Rayner (11)
    ----DS: Angel Dominic Rayner (9)
    ----DS: Angus Airan Rayner (8)
    ----DD: Abigail Taylor Rayner (8)
    ----DS: Anderson Lance Rayner (5)
    ----DD: Aria Jean Rayner (3)
    ----DS: Alan Jonathan Rayner (2)
    ----DD: Airglimmer Camilla Rayner (infant)
    ----DS: Arverne Jabez Rayner (infant)

    Round 7:
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    DH: Flynn Alexander Kiernan (65yo)
    DW: Maisie Rebecca Kiernan (63yo)

    DD: Josephine Alvara Kiernan-Ellington(41yo)
    --Divorced from: Selden Wolfgang Whitfield (44yo)
    -----DS: Ouri Josen Whitfield (23yo)
    ---------Married to: Ophelia Celine Burr (22yo)
    ------------DD: Ryder Willow Whitfield (4yo)
    ------------DD: Lois Hudson Whitfield (3yo)
    ------------DS: Sherlock Forest Whitfield (1yo)
    ------------DD: Veronica Cherry Whitfield (infant)
    -----DD: Lucy Nyx Whitfield (20yo)
    ---------Married to: James Caspian Rosedale (30yo)
    ------------DS: Adrian Bronx Rosedale (2yo)
    ------------DD: Ella Delaney Rosedale (1yo)
    ------------DS: Simon Raphael Rosedale (infant)
    ------------DD: Lucca Kingston Rosedale (infant)
    --Remarried to: Theodore Clifford Ellington (36yo)
    -----DS: Draco Gilbert Ellington (12yo)
    -----DD: Daisy Ava Ellington (12yo)
    -----DS: Benedict Joseph Ellington (11yo)
    -----DS: Neil Archer Ellington (9yo)
    -----DS: Eddie Maison Ellington (9yo)
    -----DD: Madeleine Calliope Ellington (6yo)
    -----DS: Martin Fletcher Ellington (6yo)

    DD: Ireland Charlotte Kiernan-Aykroyd (39yo)
    --Married to: Albert Raoul Aykroyd (38yo)
    -----DD: Greer Maisie Aykroyd (23yo)
    ----------Dating: Kelly Horatio Talboys (28yo)
    ------------DD: Makayla Pocahontas Talboys (4yo)
    ------------DD: Scarlett Clementine Talboys (infant)
    -----DD: Harper Jade Aykroyd (23yo)
    ----------Engaged to: Rhett Alonzo Rogers (21yo)
    ------------DS: Arrow Marcus Rogers (4yo)
    ------------DD: Tribeca Cora Rogers (4yo)
    ------------DS: Neville Jafar Rogers (3yo)
    ------------DS: Major Crispin Rogers (infant)
    -----DD: Michaela Cambry Aykroyd (20yo)
    ----------Dating: Sawyer Percival Todd (20yo)
    ------------DS: Gaston Wilder Aykroyd (4yo)
    ------------DD: Sequoia Mary Aykroyd (4yo)
    -----DS: Miles Sterlin Aykroyd (15yo)
    -----DD: Felicity Alberta Aykroyd (15yo)
    -----DD: Mischa Lorraine Aykroyd (12yo)
    -----DS: Mykle Brice Aykroyd (10yo)
    -----DS: Israel Louis Aykroyd (9yo)
    -----DS: Tobias Caspar Aykroyd (8yo)
    -----DD: Juliet Delphine Aykroyd (2yo)

    DS: Flynn Dante Kiernan Jr. (22yo)
    --Dating: Melody Hazel Michaelson (24yo)
    -----DS: Aladdin Huckleberry Kiernan (3yo)
    -----DS: Owen Edgar Kiernan (infant)
    -----DD: Flower Astoria Kiernan (infant)

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    LN: Herrera

    DH: Connor James Herrera, 67
    DW: Keturah Rae {Li} Herrera, 69

    DS: Rhett Thames Herrera, 44
    -DW: Paloma Rosabelle Roche, 46
    --DS: Trystan Elias Herrera, 22
    ---DW: Aphra Bliss {Innsbruck} Herrera, 24
    ----DS: Maesyn Graham Herrera, 2
    --DD: Edith Candida Herrera, 19
    ---DFiance: Anson Memphis Tait, 19
    --DD: Natalie Martina Herrera, 17
    --DS: Rhys Philip Herrera, 14
    --DD: Siobhan Bryaleigh Herrera, 13
    --DS: Tobias Laurent Herrera, 12
    --DS: Owen Caesar Herrera, 11
    --DS: Branson Huck Herrera, 9
    --DD: Romilly Cayenne Herrera, 7

    DD: Henna Leilani {Herrera} Thompson, 42
    -DH: Phelan Lewis Thompson, 42
    --DS: Fletcher Jessie Thompson, 20
    ---DW: Fjord Souliel {Salzburg} Thompson, 21
    ----DD: Molly Diana Thompson, infant
    --DS: Kingsley Frazier Thompson, 20
    ---DFiancee: Sunny Paislee Ramsden, 20
    ----DS: Finn Mycroft Thompson, infant
    --DS: Jakob Dougal Thompson, 19
    ---DW: Ophelia Eudora {Plexico} Thompson, 25
    --DD: Teyla Suzanne Thompson, 18
    ---DFiance: Caspian Avery Greenbelt, 18

    DS: Thiago Alexei Herrera, 39
    -DW: Mitzi Irene {Scott} Herrera, 40
    --DD: Florence Sloane Herrera, 13
    --DS: Irving Theolonious Herrera, 9

    DD: Sesette Emmylou Herrera, 36
    -DExBF: Leander Macon Madison, 35
    --DD: Jessa Venus Madison, 17
    --DS: Thom Cyrus Madison, 15
    -DH: Titus Cruz Depoe, 36
    --DD: Bijou Montana Depoe, 8
    --DS: Indigo Sullivan Depoe, 2
    Novelist, self proclaimed name enthusiast, and lover of both common and uncommon names.

    CURRENT FAVES (change very often).

    Queens: Zipporah, Hadley, Thomasina, Umbria, Mae, Johanna, Valencia, Roisin, Siobhan, Elysia

    Kings: Carlisle, Braxton, James, Uriah, Tobias, Obadiah, Joseph, Lukas, Osias, Doone, Edmond, Delbert, Ezekiel, Sampson

    My Namelist:

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    DH: Jasper Michael Miller (73)
    DW: Xiomara Valentina Garcia (69)

    DS: Dean Henry Miller (42)
    -DW: Avalon Regina Wood (40)
    --DD: Orly Cassandra Miller (23)
    ---DH: Ash Henry Gable (25)
    ----DS/DS: Felix Israel Gable and Caspar Airan Gable (8)
    ----DD: Sylvie Aurora Gable (6)
    ----DS: Wyatt Hudson Gable (4)
    ----DS: Nathan Joshua Gable (3)
    --DS: Avan Hunter Miller (20)
    ---Dfiancee: Juno Bailey Morgan (20)
    ----DS: Axel Evan Miller (4)
    ----DD/DD: Kira Delaney Miller and Louise Charisma Miller (infant)
    --DD: Martina Violet Miller (17)
    --DD/DD: Scarlett Leona Miller and Jasmine Isabelle Miller (16)
    --DD: Eden Valerie Miller (12)
    --DS: Cillian Thatcher Miller (11)
    --DD: Saffron Bellatrix Miller (9)
    --DD: Teresa Jade "Tessa" Miller (7)
    --DD: Briony Alexandra Miller (5)
    --DD: Ariel Sophia Miller (3)

    DD: Dalia Emily Miller (41)
    -DH: Duncan Park Tuner (42)
    --DD: Galya Raven Turner (12)
    --DD: Zoey Martha Turner (9)
    --DS: Simon Trust Turner (2)

    DS: Dillon Sage Miller (41)
    -DW: Eloise Matilda York (41)
    --DD: Sophia Joelle Miller (15)
    --DS/DD: Ryan Louis Miller and Rosalina Kay "Rosie" Miller (12)
    --DD: Liberty Snow "Libby" Miller (7)

    DD: Daisy Eden Miller (36)
    -exDbf: Finn Dennis Garner (36)
    --DD: Sable Kaeya Garner (13)
    --DD: Genevieve Mare Garner (12)
    -DH: Clark Alexander Espinoza (38)
    --DS/DS/DD: Owen Vittorio Espinoza, Bellamy Lawson Espinoza and Tulip Kaia Espinoza (8)
    --DS: Sage Tobias Espinoza (6)
    --DS: Ziggy Archer Espinoza (4)
    --DS: Crispin Berry Espinoza (2)
    --DD: Leon Victor Espinoza (infant)

    DD: Dakota Meghan Miller (35)
    -DH: Gavin Toby Brauer (37)
    --DS: Sean Brendan Brauer (15)
    --DD: Bella Taryn Brauer (13)
    --DD: Abbey Delilah Brauer (9)
    --DS: Andrew Milo Brauer (6)
    --DD: Aria Suri Brauer (3)
    --DS: Phillip Cai Brauer (2)
    --DD: Meadow Phaedra Brauer (infant)
    Aimee Keren ~ 16 ~ Reader ~ Swimmer

    Ayla Sylvie ~ Elodie Xenia ~ Kaia Xanthe ~ Isabelle Clemency ~ Ophelia Brynn ~ Susannah Simone ~ Georgiana Emmeline ~ Saskia Mirabelle

    Brennan Darcy ~ Gabriel/Gavriel Kieran ~ Bailey Emerson ~ Dax Dorian ~ Killian Jude ~ Gideon Emory ~ Ronen Gray

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