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    Thanks, Shvibziks! That was very enlightening!

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    My wife is from Germany so I have a soft spot for Germanic/Norwegian and those sorts of names. I love

    * Albus ~ I've got Alba on my list.
    * Rosalin ~ looks girly but I sort of like it
    * Wilken ~ I don't usually like surname names but this ones nice

    * Lavendel ~ This is really pretty and very sweet. I might have to put it on my long list of middles

    Some thoughts

    * Bor ~ "Dude, are you going to drill her?" :/
    * Dun ~ oh man, I'd hate to be named feather fluff
    * Inukkuluk ~ this might sound offensive, but this sounds like a word in one of those really stereotypical languages made up for bad movies. Like when people make fun of African or Inuit languages. :/

    * Carolinealia ~ care-oh-line-ah-lee-ah? care-oh-lin-ee-ah-lee-ah?
    * Beauty ~ I wouldn't actually mind this in the middle
    * Bebs ~ I hate it when people name babies Baby
    * Rikkepippih ~ this sounds like a medicine or something
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    I think German naming laws are fairly similar. Thanks for sharing the list.
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    Lavendel, is so gorgeous. I am going to add this name as an alternative to Lavender. I enjoy finding names that are similar to names I really like/love with something that sounds a little more direct and usuable, but still whimsical and fun. Thanks for introducing this name to me.

    Beauty: A guilty pleasure of mines, but mostly for a middle name. I knew a girl named, Beautiful, but went my her middle name.

    Tigerlily, I love this name, but more so as an affectionate nickname for one of the few Lily-type names on my list.

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    Man! I was thinking of moving to Denmark, recently, but now I'm not so sure.
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