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    Thanks, Shvibziks! That was very enlightening!

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    My wife is from Germany so I have a soft spot for Germanic/Norwegian and those sorts of names. I love

    * Albus ~ I've got Alba on my list.
    * Rosalin ~ looks girly but I sort of like it
    * Wilken ~ I don't usually like surname names but this ones nice

    * Lavendel ~ This is really pretty and very sweet. I might have to put it on my long list of middles

    Some thoughts

    * Bor ~ "Dude, are you going to drill her?" :/
    * Dun ~ oh man, I'd hate to be named feather fluff
    * Inukkuluk ~ this might sound offensive, but this sounds like a word in one of those really stereotypical languages made up for bad movies. Like when people make fun of African or Inuit languages. :/

    * Carolinealia ~ care-oh-line-ah-lee-ah? care-oh-lin-ee-ah-lee-ah?
    * Beauty ~ I wouldn't actually mind this in the middle
    * Bebs ~ I hate it when people name babies Baby
    * Rikkepippih ~ this sounds like a medicine or something
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    Probably only guilty pleasures:
    Girls ~ Hedwig, Alba, Ondine, Faustine, Elvira
    Boys ~ Adalwolf, Faustus, Wulfric, Leofric, Bartholomeo

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    I think German naming laws are fairly similar. Thanks for sharing the list.
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    Lavendel, is so gorgeous. I am going to add this name as an alternative to Lavender. I enjoy finding names that are similar to names I really like/love with something that sounds a little more direct and usuable, but still whimsical and fun. Thanks for introducing this name to me.

    Beauty: A guilty pleasure of mines, but mostly for a middle name. I knew a girl named, Beautiful, but went my her middle name.

    Tigerlily, I love this name, but more so as an affectionate nickname for one of the few Lily-type names on my list.
    If I had an "Autumn" baby...

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    Man! I was thinking of moving to Denmark, recently, but now I'm not so sure.
    Cecily Beatrice, Charlotte Ravenna, Aurora Valkyrie, Rosalyn Amoret, Melody Seraphina, Rosamund Eliska

    Robin Lysander, Edmund Ludwig, Magnus Roland, Erik Godfrey, Tristan Emil, Percy Gaspar, Edward Lucius

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