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    I have been warming to it lately. I think it is lovely, but yes, a lot of people will think it's a bit dated.

    Margaret and Leo sound lovely together. Leo's middle name is Alexander, which is quite a classic name. Margaret is classic, yet old fashioned, so I would pair Margaret with a more lively, Leo-ish sounding name (if you get what I mean, something youthful), like Elsie, or Elise, maybe Ella or Isla?

    You could always use Margot as a full name. Leo & Margot both have the O ending, but I still sounds good.

    Good luck!
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    One of my best friends is named Margaret, and she has always hated her name. She thinks it's boring and is thinking of changing/using her middle name (Cecile, which I think is just as boring).
    I love Margaux (I prefer this spelling) and I often call her this. I think Margaret is pretty boring, but I think on the right person it is usable.
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    It may be an older name but that doesn't make it boring or bad to use. It's very pretty and you don't hear it as often anymore which I think makes it more special. I think it would go well with your son's name. They both just seem like classics.
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    I like Margaret more as a middle name choice but it works as a first too. Personally I don't like Margot at all.
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