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    I really like most of your names. My favorites are Gwendolyn, Amelia, & Adeline. Amelia is on my own list. I would love to use Adeline and Gwendolyn, but I can't; so I'd love to see others use them. My least favorite would be Olive. It is a food. You would be naming your kid a food. And it is really trendy since celebs have been using it (I believe it was Drew Barrymore).
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    I like:

    Gwendolyn (my name)
    Gwen (also my name)

    I dislike:

    Brynn - Eh. Somehow manages to feel trendy yet bland.
    Gwynn - In Welsh names, the y sound is masculine.
    Beth - My middle name, which I've always loathed
    Melina - I've got nothing against it, but since you asked for negative connotations: you may want to google "melena" before you use this one
    Sierra - Makes me think of trailer parks for some reason.

    My favorite from your list is Celia (so sleek and feminine and timeless!) closely followed by Lilia.
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    Celia- a beautiful, underused name. Love.
    Brynn- sounds a little harsh to me(a little like Blair) and also nickname-y
    Gwendolyn- not my cup of tea.
    Gwen- I like this more than Gwendolyn and Gwynn, but still not my favorite.
    Gwynn- like this as a possible middle name (?)
    Stella- a very pretty name. Keep in mind that it is on the rise in popularity
    Bree- nickname-y as others have said before me.
    Audrey- classy and elegant. Prefer this over Aubrey.
    Aubrey- in my opinion, a "trendy" version of Audrey
    Marin- might be mispronounced
    Maren- same as above
    Madeleine- beautiful yet very common
    Monica- has a very 80s/90s feel to me
    Claudia- love.
    Amelia- pretty but popular
    Caroline- love, but too popular for me.
    Scarlett- very elegant
    Wren- not my cup of tea
    Elle- prefer as a nickname
    Leah- very pretty
    Adeline- I really want to love this, but it just looks like Madeline without the 'm'
    Olive- dislike
    Beth- prefer as a nickname. Bethany is pretty
    Estelle- not my cup of tea
    Serena- love that the word 'serene' is in it
    Lilia- love, love, love. If I ever have a daughter, this will be her name
    Melina- pretty but a little boring
    Acacia- really like it, but it can sound harsh
    Avery- not a fan
    Marilee- is okay
    Sierra- a little boring

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    Gwen, Stella, Claudia and Leah - all brilliant.
    Except the meanings of Claudia and Leah aren't awesome, if you are into meaning..
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