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    Favorites bolded.

    Betsan Isolde - Not a fan of either name, but they make a striking combo.
    Amabel Delphine - Love both names, but I'm not sure about the two "-el" sounds back-to-back like this.
    Evelyn Flora - Nice flow. Not as bold and interesting as the rest of your list, though.
    Thisbe Indira - Gorgeous. Love this one. It's unexpected, fresh, and perfectly balanced. Indira Thisbe would be great, too.
    Cosette Azalea - Hmmm. I like both names, but the S in Cosette often gets pronounced with a Z sound, which makes the overall combo too buzzy.
    Mavis Fionnuala - Interesting. Mavis is NMS, but it works here.
    Beatrix Noor - Amazing. Lovely, unusual mix of cultures and sounds; just fantastic.
    Cyra Eualie - Never heard Eualie before, unless you meant Eulalie. Either way, I'm neutral about this one. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's not a standout.
    Adair Tabitha - Flow feels awkward here. It might just be because I love Adair and strongly dislike Tabitha, but it feels cumbersome and awkward.
    Camellia Lark - Ooh, nice. Very springy and pretty; even the words look good together and it works despite the almost back-to-back L sounds.
    Dulcinea Clover - Endearing, but awkward. The letters feel too clunky together; I don't like Clover here.
    g w e n

    Beatrix Odette Coraline Celia
    Jett Zephyr Prosper Emrys

    Viola Belphoebe Esmé Leocadia Cosima Vale Cleo Iphigenia
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Emmett Orlando Kieran August

    Sancia Blue ⋆ Saffron Emilia ⋆ Ada Chrysanthemum ⋆ Opal Isadora ⋆ Celia Belle ⋆ Mars Auberon
    v o t e

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    Betsan Isolde- Betsan sounds made up
    Amabel Delphine LOVE
    Evelyn Flora LOVE
    Thisbe Indira- Thisbe is NMS
    Cosette Azalea- Like this alot
    Mavis Fionnuala LOVE
    Beatrix Noor LOVE
    Cyra Eualie- pronuncian might be a problem. Does Cy sounds like Cyrus ot Kite
    Adair Tabitha-Adair is too unisex for my tastes
    Camellia Lark- Would get confused with Camilla
    Dulcinea Clover- nms

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    Betsan Isolde - lovely
    Amabel Delphine - OK
    Evelyn Flora - OK
    Thisbe Indira - OK
    Cosette Azalea - lovely
    Mavis Fionnuala - OK
    Beatrix Noor - lovely
    Cyra Eualie - OK
    Adair Tabitha - OK
    Camellia Lark - lovely
    Dulcinea Clover - maybe clunky, but lovely at the same time
    Anastasia Dulcie°Aurora Millicent°Bethany Giselle°Cecily Beatrice°Charlotte Lenore°Cressida Blanche°Cvijeta Douceline°Elaine Elysande°Flora Isabella°Freya Gwenllian°Griselda Phoebe°Juliet Dorothea°Kalista Romilly°Lola Despina°Milana Crescent°Melody Lucina°°Rosalyn Amoret°Rosamund Paisley°Seraphina Thisbe°Sunniva Cerys°Edgar Samson°Edmund Ludwig°Emil Orpheus°Erik Amadeus°Gareth Florian°Lewis Dorian°Magnus Roland°Maximilian Roman°Percy Beowulf°Robin Lysander°Tristan Harley°Wesley Dimitri

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    I have changed my name list to the ones below:

    Betsan Isolde
    Amabel Delphine
    Flora Evelyn
    Thisbe Indira
    Maeve Felicity
    Beatrix Noor
    Mira Eulalie
    Amelie Tabitha
    Camellia Lark
    Dulcinea Lavender

    Thank you for all your suggestions!
    Erin (Writer, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw; Not expecting, just collecting)
    (Adelaide, Betty, Cassia, Georgia, Ocean, Violet)
    (Asher, Gabriel, Josiah, Oakley, Rowan, Wayland)

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    UPDATE: When I went to change my signature, I came up with different names. Here are the ones I changed/ added:

    Althea Margot
    Maeva Felicity
    Dulcinea Wren

    Subtracted: Amelie Tabitha
    Erin (Writer, Nerdfighter, Ravenclaw; Not expecting, just collecting)
    (Adelaide, Betty, Cassia, Georgia, Ocean, Violet)
    (Asher, Gabriel, Josiah, Oakley, Rowan, Wayland)

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