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Thread: Pomeline

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    Ok, my big sister is expecting a little girl, and she fall in love with Pomeline with Poppy or Mellie like nn and I really don't like but is hes baby. But also she love Violetta, Rosetta, Alessandra and Cosima. How you think about this names? What combo you like more? Please help. Ahh the last name is Collins

    Pomeline Rosetta
    Pomeline Violetta
    Pomeline Cosima
    Pomeline Alessandra
    Alessandra Pomeline
    Violetta Pomeline
    Cosima Pomeline

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    I'm open to new names...but my first dog was a Pomeranian so that's all I can think of...sorry! I do love all of the other choices though! If they really want to use Pomeline, it goes well in the middle.

    My favorites from your list:

    Violetta Pomeline
    Alessandra Pomeline
    Cosima Pomeline
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    I quite like Pomeline, it sounds sweet for a little girl.

    How about Paloma or Penelope?

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    I also thought pomeranian and hubby thought Palmolive! I would definitely use it in the middle.
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    I like Pomeline better than Cosima and Alessandra. Pomeline Violetta or Violetta Pomeline are both pretty.

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