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    Louisa: A pro is an association with Louisa May Alcott.
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    I love Louise. Louisa is okay, but I just find Louise so much prettier and classic. It's the middle name I hope to use!
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    Pro: pretty, not commonly heard on kids these days
    Con: i dislike the "wheeze" sound in it, and i have several friends whose mothers are named Louise, so it feels middle-aged to me

    Pro: feels literary and fresh, not popular but on-trend, doesn't have the "wheeze" sound
    Con: its on-trend enough that i think it may catch on and shoot up like Sophia and Isabella have done in years past

    I'd go with Louisa, i think its absolutely lovely
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    I pronounce Louise as lou-eese, not lou-eez. :-)
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    A friend of mine's middle name is Louise and she hates it. She always thought it sounded like a boy's name. It's a classic name though, if a bit dated.

    Louisa makes me think of the Sound of Music, which isn't a bad thing! It's dainty and feminine, so it can stand up well next to the Sophia's, Isabella's, and Ava's of the playground. I really like it.

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