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    Can't find another name!

    Hello Nameberries,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. We are expecting a girl and soon!

    So we are stuck on the name Saffie. It is the only name we agree on and we feel like we have been through EVERY name! I just start to doubt it sometimes. Does it sound too cutesy, silly, dopey, or weird??
    I know it can be a nickname for Saphire, Saffira, Saffron, etc. But we are not interested in the longer versions. We just like it by itself.
    It also goes well with our son's name, which is unique.
    Just worried about people's first impressions of it when we say it!

    What do you guys think??

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    I think it's really sweet.
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    I have a soft spot for Saffie, although I like Saffy better. I read a book when I was younger called "Saffy's Angel" and since then I've really liked it. It could work as a stand alone name, but I feel like it needs something more. It's hard for me to picture a teenager, young adult, or middle aged woman named Saffy.
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    It's sweet name. I don't think it's weird.
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    I have never heard it before so for me it is weird. I'm sorry!

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