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    Let's talk about Hannah Lenore!

    I'm quite happy with the majority of my Hannah combo--I realize Hannah's not everyone's favorite, but it has a really special tie to both my mom and grandma, and I would be quite happy to use the nn Annie nearly as much as Hannah, and I adore the literary ties to Lenore, and I just love Hannah and Lenore together. I had had Hannah Lenore Claire set as my combo, but I've been thinking of other options, and I figured I'd open it up to suggestions, to see if there's something I can find that I like just as much (if not more!) but that sounds better than the slightly stunted flow of Lenore Claire. Claire's a family name I really love, and I tend to throw it anywhere and everywhere, and it was my favorite family name with Hannah and Lenore, but meh, I feel like I don't honestly need another family name, since Hannah already is.

    So far, I'm tossing around these--are there any you'd add?

    Hannah Zoe Lenore
    Hannah Poppy Lenore/Hannah Peony Lenore

    Thanks, ladies!
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    If you put Hannah and Lenore next to each other, it sounds a lot like Hannelore.

    Of the ones you have listed, I prefer Hannah Poppy Lenore. What about Hannah Claire Lenore? I realise that Claire and Lenore get a little smooshed together in the end there, but I think they sound lovely together. The smooshing could be avoided by using Leonore instead of Lenore, but then it obviously isn't going to mean the same to you.

    Hannah Daisy Lenore
    Hannah Eira Lenore
    Hannah Elise Lenore
    Hannah Iris Lenore
    Hannah Juno Lenore
    Hannah Odile Lenore
    Hannah Romy Lenore
    Hannah Tilda Lenore
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    I love Hannah. It's so gentle and sweet but just a tiny bit spunky. Lenore is dark and velvety and lace and it's one of my favorite names ever (that Cody doesn't seem to like). Hannah Lenore is an amazing combo!

    For this combo, I agree, Claire makes it sort of stumbly and cut off sounding. Maybe I could find you another Claire sounding name? Of the 2 you have so far, Hannah Zoe Lenore is my favorite.

    Hannah Lenore Clarice -- love this
    Hannah Clara Lenore
    Hannah Clarenza Lenore
    Hannah Clarimond Lenore
    Hannah Clarinda Lenore
    Hannah Clarity Lenore

    Or maybe any of these short and sweet names:

    Hannah Cassia Lenore
    Hannah Eliza Lenore
    Hannah Ivy Lenore
    Hannah Sophie Lenore
    Hannah Luna Lenore
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    Hannah Lenore sounds like Hannelore to me, but it's a pretty rare name outside Germany so it's probably not a massive issues.

    I love Hannah Peony Lenore! It's so elegant. Something similarly floral/fairy-like would work best, I feel...
    Hannah Grace Lenore
    Hannah Willow Lenore
    Hannah Violet Lenore
    Hannah Faye Lenore
    Hannah Cleo Lenore
    Hannah Iris Lenore
    Hannah Florence Lenore
    Hannah Ada Lenore
    Hannah Ivy Lenore
    Hannah Jane Lenore

    Hannah Cecily Lenore
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    I also thought of Hannelore but that's not a bad thing at all. I like Hannah Zoe Lenore the best.

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