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    I have always loved Paul! I am happy to hear I am not alone. I went to school with a handsome guy from Brazil named Paulo (swoon!) That probably increased my admiration for the name.

    I don't know if I could ever convince my husband to use it. He thinks it sounds like someone's elderly uncle (sigh).

    Go for Paul or Paulo!

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    It was my granddad's English middle name (Hebrew name was totally unrelated, just a P name) and I really cannot warm to Paul at all. When I think about naming for him, I think Pascoe or Peregrine or Patrick. Or amusing him in heaven - he was a joker - with something like Peacemaker.

    Paul feels too Christian for me, really. It seems like a trying-to-pass name to imagine putting on my own kid. I think it was, in the '30s when my granddad was born - I'm not really with that. It doesn't go back any further in my family tree then that, either.

    I do like Saul. Could all just be a matter of what you're used to.

    I kinda like Pax - so I can see gravitating towards a one-syllable name with more history. I can understand Paul's draw for some, it just doesn't quite work for me. Maybe I need to focus on images of a young Paul Newman?

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    Paul is a classic name but a little bland. Some of the European choices are more my cup of tea.

    I find Paavo, Paolo and Pavlo very appealing (the "o" really gives the names some pizazz). I also like Pavel for its exotic Slavic flair.
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    Paul's sweet and cuddly, but it feels very 60s to me. I was picked on mercilessly by a Paul in first grade, so I would never consider it for a son.
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    I have a friend named Paul, so I doubt I would ever use it as a first name, but I do like it - and I'd probably put it in as a middle. I prefer Paul to the European variants though.

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