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Thread: Pandora

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    Some one my sister knows had a little girl this week and named her Pandora. What are your thoughts on the name? Would you use it?

    For me I see it as very much not my style, borderline unusable due to the whole Pandora's box thing.
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    I like the name. Don't like the myth, but it's just the story.

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    I know a little Pandora.

    I sort of like the name... I see the appeal, anyway. The box thing puts me off a bit, but it's more the word 'pan' that I don't like, honestly. You know.... Pan Am, pan-Africa, pansexual, frying pan, and then it's the name of a god, and Pandora's bracelets have been around forever. I've just got a lot of other associations with the sound/word.
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    Since the myth behind Pandora is part of my religion, I've never liked it or considered the name usable.

    Who would want to be named after a woman who was created solely as a punishment to a man because he tried to better people
    s lives? She was given to man that did nothing wrong with the express job of opening a jar that contained tons of evil stuff (remember, Zeus was punishing one person by punishing all of mankind) and she closed it at the end before hope could come out of the jar. Why would anyone want to name their daughter after someone who was created with the sole purpose of being a punishment, of dooming mankind? I've seen people on here say "But I don't look at it that way! She was just curious and spunky and feisty etc" but she wasn't. She was given a ton of curiosity from the gods and that was her whole life. She had no other anything. She was a construct like a clay gollum (spelled wrong).

    I'm sorry, I just feel strongly about this name. :/ Besides all that, there's the jokes a teen age boy can make "Man I'd like to open Pandora's box." It's too easy.

    EDIT -- I should mention I do know a little girl named Pandora (sister to Lucifer) and she gets a lot of remarks about her name (and plenty of them rude). I prefer Pandeia so much more. There are tons of dora names in Greek myth and a few Pan names.
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    Frankly, I really don't like that Pandora girl in the myth so I wouldn't use it myself. It sounds lovely though.
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