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    The swing was a lifesaver for us. At 6 months I'll still put her in it to nap on days where she's having a hard time getting settled.
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    It was a lifesaver for us. We had twins and were on a tight budget. I was confident we didn't need any high tech gadgets, but my aunt sent us a bouncy chair and I was so grateful to have it. It was a safe place to put one baby while I needed to change the other etc. We used it daily.
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    It really depends on the baby. It's something that can be lived without, but it's nice. The daycare I worked at when I was pregnant donated a swing that had 6 speeds, played music/rain sound/ocean sounds/ and animal sounds, has a mobile and a dome light. Persephone hated it for the first 6 months but now she loves it. That's the only way I can get her to sleep sometimes.

    When she was younger, she really loved her fisher price rocker seat. It lays back and sits up and vibrates and rocks. She loved that. I only ever buy my stuff from consignment sales and things like that. Good stuff for cheap. That way, if the baby doesn't like it, I didn't waste a ton of money on it.
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