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    Aug 2013
    My mum liked Melissa, Chelsea and Amber, Melissa clashed badly with my surname-almost like a tongue twister more than a name. My dad wanted to call me Alpha as I would be their first child, glad everyone else shot that idea down, he also liked the name Storm, an idea that came from my cousin. My Grandma and Nan on both sides rejected a lot more of their name ideas and suggested Anna and Mary, I wasn't names for a 4 weeks after my birth and was nicknames ET gone wrong?? > they finally settled on Tara which I have to say it my favourite of the names that I could of been called, and I think it suits me the best, I am not an Alpha, Amber or Mary.

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    If I were a boy I guess I would've been Daniel, my brother's name, but my parents knew my gender.
    The main contenders were; Leah (Which they chose), Claire, Zoe, Margaret "Maggie", and Hannah. My mom liked Esme and Arabella, which my dad hated, and I think they briefly discussed Alexandra.
    I'm pretty happy that my parents had good taste in names. I love my name!
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    Waverly and Erica were the other two names my parents considered. I actually like both of these names, but can't see myself as being either of them. I just fit my name well I think
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    I was almost named Morgan. I'm glad I wasn't because I love my name.

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