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    Mar 2012
    I am a Kirsten. But I was very nearly Katherine, changed at the last minute after my grandmother told my mother she hated it. And if I had dark hair I would've been Julia

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    Jul 2013
    If I was a boy I would've been Max, my younger brothers name!
    Other options my mum liked were Olivia, Lara, Ella, Deidra, Jocelyn, Anastasia
    The other option my dad liked was Miranda

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    Apr 2011
    I was supposed to be named Denae up until the second I was born. Blech. TOTALLY not me at all, and thank God my mom changed her mind! (No offense to any Denae's out there!)

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    Nov 2013
    Upstate NY
    If I were a boy, I would've been named Kyle. It's a far cry away from Agatha, but fits in much better with my siblings (both with other popular 80's names - Brandon and Adam)

    I could've been Felicia, Felicity or Carianne. I really, really dislike Felicia and Felicity...and think I would've had some pronunciation and spelling issues with the smushed together Carianne...although I think the sound is pretty, and like the idea of Cari or Carrie.

    I'm still happy I'm Aggie

    Agatha Louise - 'Aggie'
    Proud Step-Mom To
    Maddox Owen | Ryker Matthew
    Expecting First Biological Child - Little Girl - June 2014

    Abram | Abel | Breccan | Brooks | Foster | Killian | Macsen | Milo | Silas
    Aurelia | Ever | Eloise | Madigan | Maeva | Noa | Romilly | Rowan | Wren

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    Oct 2013
    My dad thought Constance or Courtney would be lovely, but my mum vetoed both - repeatedly. Thank goodness!

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