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    Old Movie Name Quiz - 3 girls

    While pregnant with triplets (all girls), you spent a lot of time with your feet up watching old movies. To find out what you named your babies, choose your favorite movie from each list

    Baby #1. First Name.
    My Fair Lady - Eliza
    Gone with the Wind - Scarlet
    Gilda - Rita
    I've never seen any of these choices - Loretta

    Baby #1. Middle Name
    The African Queen - Rose
    Wizard of Oz - Dorothy
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Lorelei
    I've never seen any of these choices - Caroline

    Baby #2. First Name
    Holiday - Audrey
    Notorious - Ingrid
    Casablanca - Ilsa
    I've never seen any of these choices - Greer

    Baby #2. Middle Name.
    Guess Whos Coming to Dinner - Katharine
    The Seven Year Itch - Marilyn
    An Affair to Remember - Deborah
    I've never seen any of these choices - Evelyn

    Baby #3. First Name.
    Breakfast at Tiffany's - Holly
    Sabrina - Sabrina
    How to Marry a Millionaire - Pola
    I've never seen any of these choices - Grace

    Baby #3. Middle Name.
    A Street Car Named Desire - Vivien
    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - Elizabeth
    Bringing Up Baby - Susan
    I've never seen any of these choices - Rosalind

    Did you make any combos that you like? Enjoy!

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