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Thread: Prudence

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    I don't love Prudence, but I don't hate it or find it unusable either. It is a bit dusty but almost vintage-chic, "so out it's in." My first association is the Beatles song Dear Prudence. I'm not a huge Beatles fan either, I only know a handful of their songs. It's not really a bad association though.
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    Prue is a cute nn, but the Prude, part of Prudence is just too much, although I quite like Prudence. My mum also suggested Prudence as a full name for Purdey (which has some great associations for me), so I've been thinking about it recently as well. I really can't think of a nice full name for Prue. Maybe you could use a name beginning with P or Pr and use Prue as a nn; like Primrose nn Prue?
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