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Thread: Prudence

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    We named my daughter Pruitt after a friend with that as a surname. I loved the nn Pru and so we went for it.

    We always get a great reaction from her name! It's never, "Oh!…That's nice." It's always, "Oh my gosh! That's such a pretty name!"

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    I really like Prudence. I know two; one goes by Prue and the other by Prudy. They are both very funny, sweet and popular girls. Neither of them have ever been teased. I think it's a gorgeous name!
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    All I see is prude. It's pretty in theory, I think the character played by Shannen Doherty on Charmed wore the name well, but I don't think it's quite feasible in real life.
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    I really like Prudence. A lot of people say she will get teased because of the "prude" part, but honestly everyone's name is tease-able. We had a Jeremy at my junior high, and they turned his name into a sexual joke. Teenagers can make anything dirty. It really varies on the child, not just the name IMO.

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    I secretly love it because of Charmed, but I don't think it's completely usable nowadays. I know kids will tease for basically anything, but Prudence is a name that I consider very tease-worthy because it's very stodgy nature and 'Prude'.

    What about something like Penelope Rue nicknamed Pru/Prue?
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