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Thread: Describe that!!

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    Describe that!!

    Fun game Idea!

    I will start to show how the game is to be played...Player will describe the physical traits etc (whatever comes to mind) of the name requested by the previous player. Once they describe that name, they will leave another name for the next player to so:

    Briar Eve

    girl, long wavy auburn hair, green/blue eyes, freckles across nose, very small/petite frame but also athletic, quiet, very sweet but has a feisty streak, loves animals and the outdoors, warm skin tone, charming.

    your turn! please describe....

    "Scarlett Reverie" and then give a name for the next poster to describe!

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    Scarlett Reverie-
    Scarlett is a 7 year old girl with short bobbed haid and bright blue eyes. She has light freckling across her cheeks, and has the sweetest smile. She is short and lean. She is outgoing and can be a bit rough with other kids, but she never intends to hurt them.

    Atticus Jonah

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    Atticus Jonah- 5 year old boy with curly light brown hair and brown eyes. Warm skin tone. Picture him wearing old tattered jean overalls and a short sleeves blue/white plaid collared shirt. A momma boy... Very gentle, always smiling and soft spoken.

    Everest James

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    Everest James - 8 year old boy with curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. Lots of freckles. A dark flannel shirt with khaki shorts and mini-Timberlands. Spends as much time in the woods as he can.

    Lenore Angeline.

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