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    From your NN suggestions:

    Minna* - Araminta, Jasmine, Minuet*, Minette*, maybe Mignonette?
    Addie - Adeline, Adele, Adelaide*

    From PP's suggestions:

    Gemma - Imogen*
    Ginny - Ginevra*, Virginia
    Holly - Hollis, Holland
    Penny - Penelope*
    Della - Delilah, Adela*, Adele, Dahlia
    Ellie - Eleanor, Elspeth, Elodie*, Eloise, etc.
    Allie - Alice, Aliya, Allison, Alexandra, Alexandria

    My own suggestions:

    Lilly - Lillian
    Sammy - Samina, Samantha, Samara, etc.
    Teddy - Theodora
    Annie - Anastasia*, Annabelle/Annabel/Annabella, Annora/Honora, Annalee

    *My favorites
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    Hermione could also get you to Minna.

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    I have to agree with another poster that said it's not a good idea to butcher some common nicknames just to fit your theme.

    That being said, I love the idea of Minna and I was going to suggest Araminta! I think that's perfect. I also think no matter what you choose, you should use Lyra as the middle name. I have always thought that name was beautiful and I love the meaning behind it. I also really love the suggestion of Callista nn Calla.

    Other ideas (sorry for repeats):
    Imogen nn Immie or Genna/Genny
    Virginia nn Ginny
    Mallory nn Mally
    Penelope nn Penny or Nelly or Poppy
    Tabitha nn Tabby
    Matilda nn Tilly
    Caroline nn Cally
    Elizabeth or Eliza nn Lizzy
    Philippa nn Pippa
    Theodora nn Teddy
    Melinda nn Melly
    Amelia/Emilia nn Milly
    Susanna nn Zanna
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    I forgot to add the my great aunts name is Manilla could be used to get Minna

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    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Claire Athena
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