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    Thoughts on Fielding and Leland?

    We're still looking for a second choice for our baby due in May. Our #1 choice is currently Julian Hawthorne, can't seem to agree on anything else..

    I'm looking at more under the radar names lately and came across Fielding (nn Field) and Leland (nn Lee or Leo). Thoughts on these?

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    Julian Hawthorne is swoonworthy. Gush, I love it.

    As for Fielding and Leland, I'll admit they're not my style but I feel like they would fit in with Julian. I agree they are pretty much under the radar, and if you love them go for them. I do like the nicknames 'Lee' and 'Leo' for Leland.
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    Julian Hawthorne is amazing! I really like it!

    I'm a fan of Leland, but it sways from preferring to see it on someone else's kid to getting serious consideration for my list. I think the quirky sound of Leland attracts me to the name.

    I can't really get behind Fielding as a first just doesn't seem very 'namey' to me.
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    Julian Hawthorne is absolutly gorgeous !! I dont think you need to look elsewhere

    Althought Leland is not my style i can see the appear and i find it handsome . On the other hand i love Fieldig nn Field !! Very original and cute .

    Good luck
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    I don't like Fielding at all. I like Julian Hawthorne the best.
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