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Thread: Luke or Lucas?

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    Luke or Lucas?

    My OH and I both like Luke and Lucas but we can't decide! I prefer Lucas but he prefers Luke.

    For MN it'll either be Michael, Clive or James (these are relatives we'd like to honour).

    What are your thoughts on Luke or Lucas? Thank you
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    What a great dilemma to have. Two names that are both fantastic that you both like! Luke and Lucas are both great. Luke is classic, biblical, with some great namesakes (Skywalker!). Lucas feels a bit fresher though, with it's hip -as ending. Those roman endings are very in right now. So while I think I like Lucas slightly more, even though it feels fresher now, it may feel more dated later if it follows a trend. That said, they've both been trending up and very popular for years now, so I don't think it's really much of a concern. Either is great, I might pull slightly more for Luke in the end given it's classic roots.
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    I love them both : ) You could always go Lucas NN Luke, too. They both have a "cool" sound, and are both good solid names. My vote goes to just Luke, because Lucas has more teasing potential, i.e. mucus (not that that's a big concern, but it does tip the scales a wee bit).
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    If it were me, I'd give him the name Lucas and call him Luke; that way the option of Lucas is also there.
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    I prefer Lucas

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