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    Name to get to Gintie

    I saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks today and thought her nickname "Gintie" (Gintey/Ginty?) is adorable! We are pregnant with our second, a girl, due the end of the month. Any ideas on a name to get to that nickname? (Our son is Sawyer.)

    *I should also note the G sounds like Grace as opposed to Ginny.
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    Just spitballin' here, but maybe:
    Virginia (the long form of similar-sounding "Ginny")

    I think Virginia would be really cute with Sawyer.
    Any thoughts?
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    Wishing for Greece, stuck in the US
    Ginesa -- white
    Ginevra -- lady of the people
    Higinia -- she enjoys good health
    Migina -- moon returning
    Nagina -- precious pearl
    Regina -- queen
    Giacinta -- an obscure Greek name

    Angeni -- spirit angel
    Eugenia -- well born -- you-jen-ee-ah
    Geneva -- lady of the people
    Genevieve -- lady of the people
    Gentiana -- gentian
    Imogen -- daughter
    Magena -- the coming moon

    Jenara -- dedicated to Janus
    Jenaya -- Yahweh is gracious
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    The only name I can think of is Gilda.
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