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    Oh, thank you guys all for your opinions & comments!!! I really appreciate it :-)

    @Giinkies : Luminosa is lovely.
    @rlinden : I think I have played that game before but i'am not sure.

    And thanks all of you for telling me the meaning. I think it's beautiful.

    I'am sorry that I didnt comment on each of you but i'am on the phone & I can't save it, so I can go to the previous pages but I have seen each of your comment.

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    I really like Lumina, but the car kills it for me. It's most unfortunate. Incidentally, I noticed that the ads that popped up in between posts were for cars...apparently Google Ads thinks Lumina is a car name too. :-(
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    I think it's a super pretty name, with a lovely light meaning!
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    Thank you saracita00 & scintiller!!! :-)

    @saracita00 : Someone else have mention the car thing but I have no idea. I will definitely googled it for more information.

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    I like the sound but I like a lot of L names. They're very soft and, well, luminous.

    Lumina is soft and pretty. But it's not my favourite of the ones that mean "light" - of which my faves are probably Lucasta and Leocadia, which have just enough of a "k" sound in the middle to give them a bit of an edge and keep them from sounding all floppy and vowel-y like so many of the Liliana/Eliana/Lola/Lulu names can get?

    And I like Luna by itself as a middle name, it doesn't need to be a nickname to be usable IMO.

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