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    I am obsessed with Luminosa.

    Lumina is Latin and means "brilliant light", Luminosa is the spanish variation of it. Lumina is definitely more usable as it does not sound as much like a Harry Potter spell. Go for it.

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    Lumina is the word for light in Romanian (like the furniture item). I think it sounds pretty as a name and has great nickname potentials.
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    Lumina is beautiful name. I like it.

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    Lumina is one of my GP names! In high school, I used to play a video game called Harvest Moon (where you run a farm and get married - I was such a cool gamer) and there was a side character named Lumina. I fell in love with the name, but this was also a time when Chevy Luminas were absolutely everywhere, so it seemed unusable. I think that has changed now, though people my age in the US will always think of the car at least once, lol.
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    Lumina is very pretty (and I have a soft spot for Lumi). Lumina Belle is such a beautiful combination!

    I much prefer Lumina over Lumiere.

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