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    Happy 2014! New Years' Babies in your area.

    I think there was a thread like this last January, so I was thinking it would be fun to do it again. What is the name of the "new years baby" in your city/town/province/state/area?

    In the Greater Toronto Area, apparently the first baby of the new year was named Jenna Grace and born at the stroke of midnight.
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    In our lovely Nation's Capital (yours and mine, Maggie lol), it's a Mélissa.
    And I always looks up babies where I used to live, so the first Basque baby is actually twins named Aize and Enai, and the first Valencian baby is a girl named Mar (*swoon*...okay I read another report with says it's Mara... I'm not sure now).
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    In the capital region of NY the first baby was Jerrimiah Ellias (B) 2:14am. The second was Neah' Couture (G) at 4:38am.
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    Just looked to see the new year baby in my area. I live in IL 3 hours west of Chicago. The baby boy is named Jaxsten Jae arriving at 12:31 am

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    Midwest, USA
    In my city, our first baby was at 12:02 and was named Julius Wade. In nearby cities there is Madelynne Rose and Serenity (middle not listed).
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