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    What's my naming style & Suggestions

    What do you think my naming style for girls is? I have put my favourite girl names below.
    I believe I am all over the place and I just like a name but would love to see/know if I do get pinned to a naming style.

    I would also love suggestions.
    And if you want feel free to suggest a sibling name for my son Emmett J@m3s W@1ter - For security reasons I have used symbols instead of letters.

    Araminta, Arabella, Alcina, Amalia, Alma, Anna, Audrey, Amelie, Aria, Arianwen, Alyssa, Azaria, Alice, Aurora, Arianwen
    Belinda, Blair, Belle
    Coralie, Charlotte, Chelsea, Cynthia, Clementine, Cordelia, Caroline, Claire, Coraline
    Delilah, Dana, Dahlia, Danica, Dalila, Desiree, Demi
    Esmée, Elsa, Elma, Eve, Evia Esther, Eden, Edith, Eowyn, Emilia, Emilie/Emily,Elodie, Eloise
    Francesca, Freya, Fleur
    Grace, Gemma
    Harlow, Hazel, Hannah, Heidi
    Indigo, Isobel, Ingrid, Iona, Ione, Iris, Isla
    Jade, Jemma, Jemima, Junia, Jada, June, Juliette, Jessa, Joan
    Khloe, Katia, Kate, Katherine
    Lillian, Liliac, Lucie / Lucy, Lana, Lydia, Lux, Leilani
    Milena, Meredith, Milana, Mariska, Matilda, Madeleine, Marissa, Miranda
    Penelope, Pippa, Pearl, Priya
    Roxanna, Roxana, Romia, Rose, Reese, Ruby, Rhiannon, Romilly, Rosalie, Rosanna
    Saskia, Sarai, Sadie, Stella, Samara, Sylvia, Sienna, Sierra, Scarlett, Susannah
    Twyla, Tiffany, Thea, Tamera, Thalia, Tilda, Tia, Tessa, Tamsin, Tallulah
    Vivica, Vivienne
    Winslet, Winter, Winona, Wren, Willow
    Yvette, Yasmin
    Zara, Zaria, Zahara

    If it helps put light on a naming style here is a bit about me -
    I am 22. I am Australian. My grandfather is half German and my father is half Irish and half French. I am the 4th Eldest out of 7 Half siblings also have 4 Step siblings (6th eldest if you include the step sibs). I think I get some of my names from pop culture (I am a huge movie fanatic).

    Boys version -
    ♀ Girls Lillian Harlow "Lilly". Elara Willow "Lara". Isabeau Magnolia "Isa".
    ♂ Boys Conrad Lewis. Blaise Raphael. Malachi ?, Tristan ?

    ♀ Girls List

    ♂ Boys List - Still working on the Boys

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    Such a lovely list - and I might have told you before, but your son has a fabulous name!

    Honestly the only way I would describe your taste as very-Nameberry. I suppose it's a very long list which makes it hard, but you've got...
    - All the Nameberry favourites in there (Eleanor, Wren, Elodie, Rosalie, Charlotte, Pearl)
    -The names that Nameberry seems to glorify for being ''British/Eccentric'' (Araminta, Romilly, Jemima, Pippa, Tamsin, Clementine)
    -A few Welsh/Gaelic/Irish names which are also given a huge spotlight
    -Nameberry's infamous ''Hipster names'' which to me just seems to be trendy in the UK (Delilah, Ruby, Matilda, Freya, Ione, Iris)
    -And lots of underused international or exotic-sounding names it promotes (Leilani, Vivica, Milena, Ingrid, Priya)
    -What's left seem to be a massive mix of classic/dated/trendy.

    I don't know if that helps at all! I've never been able to define my style either.
    I'm not sure how you feel about alliteration, but with Emmett and Elodie sound perfect together, imo. Maybe something like Elodie Iris Madeleine? Elodie Matilda Willow? Elodie Hazel Caroline?

    I would add...
    (olivia. seventeen. film & philosophy student, worryingly maternal! in love with my kitty, majestically named shura)

    Rufus George / Wilfred Colin / Emmett Nicholas / Edgar Hugh / Lysander Alec / William Evergreen / Crispin Baez
    Rosemary Una / Annabel Briar / Eilidh Agnes / Maude Evangeline / Iris Lettice / Billie Jemima / Estella Beatrix

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    Thank you @OliviaSarah.
    I thought it was a quite a mix thank you for your help

    I like Elodie but I dislike using the same first initial for siblings (I'm abit picky with that lol)

    I love Viola and Parisa.
    Not a fan of Annabel or Rosabelle but I would use them if I had to
    I dislike Jessamy and Sybella,
    I am unsure of Delia, will have to have a think on that one. How would you pronounce it?

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    Any more help would be appreciated.
    ♀ Girls Lillian Harlow "Lilly". Elara Willow "Lara". Isabeau Magnolia "Isa".
    ♂ Boys Conrad Lewis. Blaise Raphael. Malachi ?, Tristan ?

    ♀ Girls List

    ♂ Boys List - Still working on the Boys

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