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    Ian names for our son

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and looking for advice. I've got two girls already by my ex and I'm expecting a son with my new partner just before Easter. We'd like to honour his father who passed away earlier this year whose name was Ian. Neither of us are particularly fond of the name as a whole, but there's quite a lot of names that have those three letters in and we've decided to use one of those to honour him.

    The ones we can think of are


    and a suggestion from my eldest that we're definitely not using, Hadrian.

    I've got two questions,
    1. Are there any other names with Ian in that we've missed?
    2. Which are your favourites?

    We're not sure yet whether we're going to use the name to honour my partner's father as our son's first or middle name either, it depends what else we come up with that we like. My daughter's names are Heidi and Harriet if that makes a difference to anybody.

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    1. From the top of my head : Lucian !
    2. From your list, my favourites for a first name are Sebastian, Adrian and Julian, with a preference for Adrian (without the H!) as it flows well with your daughters' names.
    For a middle name, Kian might be the more obvious choice to honour your partner's father, as it is the name on your list where the -IAN combination is the most "visible", it that makes any sense?

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    I can't believe I never thought of Lucian, francelise, especially as we were throwing Lucy around as a girl option before we knew the gender. Definitely going to bring that one up.

    My only worry with Adrian as a first name is that it's seen a bit of a 'dad' name where I live - I don't think I've encountered anyone under the age of 30 with it. As a middle, I'm of the attitude that 'anything goes', no matter how dated or out there it might be, but as a daily name I want something that he's not going to get teased for.

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    From your list, I like Julian, Sebastian, Kian, and Caspian.

    Some other ideas:

    That's all I can think of... I think you got most of them lol.
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