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    soft, feminine middle name for Mae?

    I'm looking for a soft, feminine sounding middle name for Mae, preferably with three syllables to fill the name out a little bit since Mae is so short. Nothing too "out there." So far I like how Sophia sounds with it, but Sophia is pretty common. I also think Arabel is pretty. Other suggestions would be much appreciated!

    One thing I've found tricky with the name Mae is that I wouldn't want the first initial of middle name to make a weird word, since her name would often be written with her middle name initial. Example: Mae B. Johnson would sound like "maybe," or Mae O. Johnson would sound like the condiment, etc. Maybe I'm being too picky, but this is my only possible chance to name a girl (last baby, three boys already and don't know this baby's gender) so I don't want to have any regrets!


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    I'm so happy to see Mae in the first spot! WTG!
    We did Mae Elizabeth, although I let my husband pick that one, and it wasn't my first choice. But it is nice, soft, and a nice longer well established name for her middle.
    One thing I was worried about was the run-together of Mae and another name - Mae Veronica sounds a lot like Maeve something, or even just one long name!

    What about
    Mae Michelle
    Mae Persephone
    Mae Corrine
    Mae Louise
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    I second Mae Evangeline, it's the first thing my mind went to.

    Mae Rosalind, Rosalie, Roisin (does Mae R. sound too much like Mayor?)
    Mae Sinead
    Mae Rachel
    Mae Elspeth
    Mae Lilith, Lillian, Lilia
    Mae Terentia
    Mae Arianwen
    Mae Gwyneth
    Mae Plumeria
    Mae Aurelia
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    How about Mae Georgiana? Or Mae Georgina?
    Mae Seraphina/Seraphine might fit your tastes with Sophia, and as for Arabel, maybe Mae Isabel?
    For options already said, I second Mae Rosalind, Mae Winona, and Mae Ruby.
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