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    Quiz CAF with Namebanks

    DH: If your favourite movie's title starts with "The" or "A": FN: (George, Geoffrey, Greg, Grant, Graham) MN: (Benjamin, Bear, Bjorn, Bennett, Beckett)

    If your favourite movie's title starts with anything else: FN: (James, John, Jack, Jensen, Jacob) MN: (Theodore, Thomas, Todd, Ted, Timothy)

    DW: If you are wearing tight or form fitting trousers/pants/leggings: FN: (Hannah, Hannelore, Heather, Heidi, Hilde) MN: (Laura, Lillian, Luna, Lydia, Lane)

    If you are wearing loose fitting or pyjamas or no pants at all: FN: (Nima, Nora, Nancy, Niamh, Nova) MN: (Kerensa, Kate, Katherine, Kylie, Kassia)

    DS: If you drink coffee or tea in the mornings: FN: (Desmond, Dermot, David, Day, Daniel) MN: (Augustus, Arthur, Andrew, Amos, Aidan)

    If you drink any other beverage, or nothing in the mornings: FN: (Carl, Corey, Caspian, Cillian, Caelan) MN: (William, Wesley, Weston, Wallace, Wyatt)

    DD: If you like playing board games: FN: (Frances, Florence, Fiona, Finula, Fallon) MN: (Victoria, Vanessa, Viola, Verna, Vera)

    If you don't like playing board games: FN: (Pippa, Polly, Posy, Penelope. Philippa) MN: (honours the DW)

    DD/DS: If you listen to rock, pop, punk, electronica or dubstep: FN: (Samantha, Selah, Sarah, Sally, Sylvia // Sylvester, Sailor, Samson, Solomon, Samuel) MN: (honours the DW & DH)

    If you listen to country, jazz, doowop, indie, folk, oldies or anything else: FN: (Enid, Etta, Elsie, Emilia, Ella // Evan, Ezra, Ezekiel, Ewan, Everett) MN: (Marian, Margot, Matilda, Millie, Molly // Michael, Misha, Matthew, Murphy, Madsen)

    DD: If you like black & white movies: FN: (Carey, Cass, Cecilia, Candice, Calla) MN: (Zinnia, Zelda, Zora, Zara, Zoey)

    If you don't like black & white movies: FN: (Doris, Della, Dahlia, Dorothea, Dana) MN: (Isla, Ivy, Indira, Ione, Ianthe)
    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Aimee Keren ~ 16 ~ Reader ~ Swimmer

    Ayla Sylvie ~ Elodie Xenia ~ Kaia Xanthe ~ Isabelle Clemency ~ Ophelia Brynn ~ Susannah Simone ~ Georgiana Emmeline ~ Saskia Mirabelle

    Brennan Darcy ~ Gabriel/Gavriel Kieran ~ Bailey Emerson ~ Dax Dorian ~ Killian Jude ~ Gideon Emory ~ Ronen Gray

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    ~ Cecily ~ Josephine ~ Gemma ~ Harper ~ Elizabeth ~
    l Edin | Jem l Julian l Arthur l Kit l Henry l Joseph l Matthew "Matty" l Simon l Shilah l Edmund |

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    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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