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    Me: Noella Fay
    DW: Kimbra Mary

    We met in College.
    We went to Union College
    I am a fashion designer, she owns her own business.
    I proposed at a dinner, our wedding was at the beach.
    Our honeymoon was in Bolivia.

    DD/DD: Sparrow Jonet/Zella Afternoon
    ADD: Bellamy Elise
    DS/DS: Damon Bly/Radley Isaac

    My best friend died.
    We adopted her triplets

    DD/DS/DD: Elinor Dylan Crowe/Judd Graham Alexander/ Helena Diane Sphink
    DD/DD/DD: Temperance Avery "Avery"/Daisy Fern/ Michelle Taylor "Mitch"
    DS/DS: Zach Rogan/Brennan George

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    Your name: Rowan Elizabeth Sanford
    Your boyfriend’s name: Grady Samuel Waters

    6. Prom date turns into BF

    College! 4. Harvard
    Studies! 5. Business

    Proposal and Wedding! 1. At Disneyland, elope
    Honeymoon! Glasgow

    Honeymoon Baby/ies!
    3. Girl/Boy Twins.

    Hazel Merrigan
    Zade Iniko

    Adopt! 5. From China

    Henry Nelson

    Two years after the adoption you want more kids.

    5. Girl/Girl Twins.
    Birdie Minerva
    Juliette Maize

    Aww, a death close to you means you adopt the children. Who dies?
    3. Best friend

    What are their kids?
    1. Triplets, you choose names

    Ingrid Beatrice, age 5
    Edith Katherine
    Louisa Carol

    Camille Mae (couldn't get the list)
    Daisy Kate
    Rebecca Norah

    Jack Wilson
    Zach August

    Your family is complete!
    Girls: Ingrid, Louisa, Edith, Sinclair, Hazel, and Judith
    Boys: Keller, Josiah, Augustus, Ozias, Graham, Ezra, and Isaac

    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Judith Naomi/Graham Lloyd

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    Your Name: Alaina Willow (Chef)
    Your Boyfriend's Name: Henry Josiah (Medical)
    We met in college, UCLA. Proposed in Disneyland, we elope, honeymoon in Andorra.

    DD/DD: Shiloh Cassia/Juliette Arbor
    Adopted From China: Felix Viggo
    DD/DS: Indigo Macen/Zeus Amari
    Coworker's Children: McKenna Jacquelyn and Marcus Edward
    DD/DD/DD: Daisy Eden/Rebecca Marigold/Michelle Amber
    DS/DS: Jack Hudson/Brennan Orion
    Teenberry ~ Currently on vacation in Germany visiting family and learning new German names!

    Edwin Tobias ~ Jasper Quincy ~ Peregrine Henry ~ Gideon Atlas ~ Reid Wallace ~ Simon Augustus ~ Desmond Finley ~ Elliot Luka

    Tallulah Winter ~ Daphne Ruth ~ Margo Juniper ~ Clara Louise ~ Rose Bernadette

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    Ana Theresa Ramirez
    Boyfriend: Andrew Nathan Carver

    Ana and Andrew went to prom together and started dating afterward.
    Both went to Harvard and studied business.
    Andrew proposed at a baseball game, and the couple had a rustic wedding. They honeymooned in Vienna.

    After returning from Vienna, Ana discovers she is pregnant with twin boys: Avery Hugo & Radley Gideon

    Two years later, Andrew and Ana adopt a 1 year old from Russia: Dexter Flynn

    When Avery & Hugo are 4 and Dexter is 3, Ana has another baby boy: Asa Jude

    Two years later, Ana's stepbrother Marcus dies. Ana and Andrew adopt Marcus' 5 year old triplets: Camille "Cami" Morgan, Alyssa "Aly" Katelyn, & Madison "Maddie" Christine.

    A year later, Alyssa gives birth to triplet daughters! Rebecca "Becca" Daphne, Daisy Opal, & Payton "Dot" Dorothea.

    Three years later, the family is complete when Ana gives birth to twin boys: Jack Hudson & Ty Anson.

    Avery(9), Hugo (9), Dexter (8), Asa (5), Cami (5), Aly (5), Maddie (5), Becca (3), Daisy (3), Dot (3), Jack (nb) & Ty (nb).

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    Your name: Ashley Lynn Foster
    Your boyfriend's name: Gabriel Noah Hart

    High School sweethearts
    College: Columbia
    Study: Nursing
    Proposal & Wedding: Family reunion, Church
    Honeymoon: Ireland

    Boy: Ezra Camden Hart
    Boy (adopted from teen mother): Liam Elijah Hart
    Girl/Girl: Liberty Sabina & Juliette Cadence
    Coworker dies; leaves behind Maisie Rae & Myra Kate
    Triplets: Rebecca Phoebe ("Becca"), Payton Delilah, Michelle Brianna ("Mitchi")
    Twins: Jack Emerson & Brennan Conrad

    Ezra, Liam, Liberty, Juliette, Maisie, Myra, Becca, Payton, Mitchi, Jack, & Brennan
    Isaac | Aaron | Malachi | Rowan | Jonah | Zachary

    Hallie | Isabelle | Phoebe | Rylee | Alexandra | Chloe | Liberty

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